What are the After Effects of the Coronavirus in Patients?

Source: OT-Team (AFJ)

According to National Health Commission of the PRC, as of March 31, there were more than 76,000 patients of the COVID-19 have been discharged, with a cure rate of 93.5%. Question is, what are after effects of a COVID-19 infection? As for it, the news staff has interviewed some medical experts and the cured people, to discuss the situation.

It Is Reversible

As early as March 18, Liang Lianchun, director of the Center for Infectious Diseases at YouAn Hospital in Beijing, said that as per the previous experience in treating SARS, patients with mild and ordinary symptoms generally wouldnt get any after effects, while people recovered from severe infections might have mild pulmonary fibrosis for a short time, but it could be reversible.

Wednesday, Zhong Nanshan, the head of China's COVID-19 expert team, also responded that it is difficult to tell whether the patients will any long-lasting issues, as it has been only three months after the outbreak, and further close medical observation is needed.

However, as of now, it has shown that the damage to the lungs is reversible in a significant portion of the recovered cases.

Some After Effects Reported

Poor Breathing and Weight Loss

Mr. Li, a 70-year-old man, used to be a severe patient in Wuhan. During the 20 days in the hospital, he lost more than 15kg in weight. And after being discharged, no matter how much attention he pays to his diet, he cannot regain his weight. In the daily life, he cannot breathe smoothly and has pain in the chest, and his body cannot afford moving too much or walking fast. Moreover, it is difficult for him to have a deep sleep due to his frequently feeling short of breath.

Transient Anosmia

Mr. C, a mild COVID-19 patient recovered in Shanghai, said he could not smell anything for about two weeks after being released from the hospital, but later he recovered. Actually, his life has come back to normal, and there is no negative impact on his body, even when he's working out.

Could Barely Speak

Liu, a 55-year-old lady in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, has recovered from a critical COVID-19 infection, but she was still too weak to walk on her own when she left the hospital after an over 20-day treatment. And it was also difficult for her to speak as her heart and lung function was still recovering.

No Need to Panic

In fact, the cured patients may not only face the problems mentioned above, but also encounter a variety of situations. However, as per Wang Jing, director of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine at Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, all patients will undergo a series of rigorous follow-up and isolation procedures before discharge, so the virus is largely eliminated from their systems and will not be transmitted, which enables them to get back on track.