McDonald's Introduces a 5G Product! Chicken?!

Source: Abacus

This week, McDonalds China officially announced it will launch a new 5G product.

The ad campaign, featuring a sleek device with curves, shiny camera lenses and a biometric facial map, immediately caught attention. Peppered with words like super-wide angle and fresh unlock, the posters ignited speculation that the fast-food company might introduce a 5G ordering kiosk or a smartphone on April 15.

When the big day arrived, more than a million viewers,  reportedly tuned in on Bilibili to see the live-streamed launch of McDonalds new cutting-edge product: A piece of fried chicken. McDonald's used G as a homonym for chicken (pronounced ji in Chinese), and the company used five adjectives to describe it (crispy, juicy, soft, fragrant, big).

The guerilla marketing campaign for the McCrispy Chicken, inspired by tech product launches, left some disappointed (including one of our reporters who diligently watched the stream). But Phyllis Cheung, CEO of McDonald's China, said that the McCrispy Chicken took nearly a year and a half to research and develop.