KFC Launches Vegetarian "Renewable Energy" Chicken Nuggets!

Source: Abacus

After McDonalds recently caused a stir in China by announcing 5G Chicken, KFC has now come out with its own innovative new energy product.

On Monday, the company announced  its first plant-based protein product for China. The firm introduced it as a product drawing on nature and technology, with posters featuring an electric sports car. Like McDonalds did with 5G, KFC used a popular tech buzzword to boost awareness of its announcement.

When McDonalds first teased a 5G product, many speculated the fast-food company would introduce a high-tech ordering kiosk or even a smartphone. After a million viewers reportedly tuned in to watch the live-streamed launch last Wednesday, some people were disappointed to find the guerilla marketing campaign was only referring to a piece of chicken.

While American fast-food chains have been experimenting with plant-based meat patties, KFC is the first one offering plant-based chicken. In the US, the artificial nuggets are created with Beyond Meat and started training  in January. KFC is partnering with US food giant Cargill for its meatless nuggets in China, which will be trialing in several cities next week.