Here's Where People Are Spending the Most Money in China

By Ryan Gandolfo

In the first quarter of 2020, national residents per capita consumption expenditure was RMB5,082, with food, tobacco and alcohol accounting for 33.6% of consumer spending.

The data, noted in a China Daily report that cites figures from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), shows housing and transportation and communications came in second and third in terms of spending, accounting for 24.4% and 11.9%, respectively. 

Comparing the quarterly data to per capita consumption expenditure in 2019, food, tobacco and alcohol spending went up 5% last quarter, as families across China underwent extended periods of mandatory or self quarantine due to the public health crisis.

While national per capita consumption narrowly surpassed the RMB5,000 mark, folks in Shanghai were the biggest spenders in the first quarter, more than doubling the national level with RMB10,410 per capita.


Beijing and Zhejiang province followed suit, with RMB10,003 and RMB7,891 in spending per capita, respectively.

Among the PRCs municipalities, provinces and regions, nine surpassed the national level of consumption expenditure per capita in the first quarter.

Check out the list below to see where people spend the most:

1. Shanghai
2. Beijing
3. Zhejiang
4. Tianjin
5. Guangdong
6. Jiangsu
7. Fujian
8. Chongqing
9. Hunan
10. Liaoning

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