Hangzhou Issues Blind Box with Top Prize Value of 4860 Yuan!

Source: HangzhouTube, Global Times

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Hangzhou recently launched a public welfare activity of blind box for Hangzhou citizens and national tourists. Participants can get a gift package worth 4860 yuan for only 1.99 yuan, when opening a blind box online! The event will last until May 4, with cultural and tourism gift packages of 100 million yuan.

The prizes: 
For 999 lucky winners: Packages worth 4860 yuan, including luxury hotel accommodation vouchers, buffet vouchers, canal tour cards, Hangzhou cultural tourism cards, etc. 
For the rest: 
They will have the opportunity to draw 20,000 city cultural tourism gifts and 1 million city cultural tourism discount packages, including: 10,000 cultural tourism cards of RMB 1500 yuan, free unlimited tours of 15 scenic spots in Lin'an including Tianmu Mountain and Qingshan Lake; 200 tickets of Song Cheng scenic spot and 100 tickets of Cirque Du Soleil (can be used after resumption); 50 hotel vouchers of Huazhu Group, etc. 
Where & how to buy the blind box: 
Search "" on Alipay, pay 1.99 yuan for a blind box. Everyone can only purchase once. All the income of this activity will be used in the rescue station of the scenic spot and the ADE equipment through the Hangzhou Red Cross to ensure the first aid, rescue and nursing services in the scenic spots.

Chinese mainland reports 11 new cases

On Monday Chinese mainland reports 11 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 4 imported cases, and 37 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

Now, people can visit Prince's Bay Park without booking

Time distribution of tourists entering the park 


On April 20, Hangzhou Prince's Bay Park lifted the regulation of entering the park with a reservation.


According to the big data, from March 7 to April 17 when people had to book for a visit, young tourists aged 26-35 are the main force, accounting for 1 / 3 of the total number of visitors.

KFC China's first fried chicken of plant-based meat to be on the market

On April 20, according to KFC China, fried chicken products with plant-based meat as raw materials will be tested in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen from April 28 to 30.


The first batch of pre-sale vouchers for sampling has been sold out on KFC app. It is reported that the plant-based meat product, which uses plant protein as raw material, does not contain cholesterol, and its taste is close to that of meat.

Guangdong to conduct nucleic acid tests for all returning school

Per the vice mayor of Guangzhou on Monday, Li Ming, Guangdong Province will conduct COVID-19 nucleic acid tests for all teachers and students returning school, including 30,000 teaching staff and 167,000 students in their final year of senior and junior high schools.


On April 20, Chinese research team releases first animal experiment data on a COVID-19 vaccine, which shows the vaccine are effective and safe on rats and non-human primates.

2300 people related to coffeeshop infection undergo nuclear acid tests

Per Global Times on April 20, about 2300 people have undergone free nuclear acid tests, after one of Starbucks staff in a Guangzhou shopping mall tested positive for COVID-19 and sent to the hospital on Saturday. 

As of now, the store was closed and disinfected.

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