Foreign & Chinese Taxi Passengers Need to Check This!

Source: OT-Team (AFJ)

According to the Guangzhou Health Commission, a 43-year-old Guangzhou taxi driver originating from Henan showed COVID-19 symptoms on April 14 and was confirmed of infection two days later. Before he was admitted to the hospital, he had driven in and out from the places with COVID-19 cases and given rides to many people including foreigners. However, during his service, he did not wear a mask or keep the window open as required.

Asymptomatic Man Drove a Taxi Part-time

Later, one of the mans close contacts, another 49-year-old taxi driver from Henan, was confirmed as asymptomatic infection of COVID-19. It was understood that on April 10 and 13 the man drove a taxi with the license plate number A 1J6H3 as a part-time job. As of now, the authorities are still looking for his passengers.

The Related Information about the Taxi

All Under Control Except...

Guangzhou Government releases the car plate number and calls on people who have taken the taxi to take to a nucleic acid test for free.

As of Wednesday, the above-mentioned infected people have been hospitalized for treatment, their close contacts have been under quarantine, the relevant sites have been disinfected and all the environmental samples have been tested negative. However, the screening of passengers involved is still ongoing.