COVID-19:British PM Johnson Admitted to Hospital, Tiger Infected

Source: People's Daily, Xinhua, CGTN, China Daily, Global Times, CBS, iFeng, Baidu, Global  News Agencies, Majdi


British PM Johnson Admitted to Hospital for Tests

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been admitted to hospital for tests, 10 days after testing positive for coronavirus, Downing Street has said.

He was taken to a London hospital on Sunday evening with "persistent symptoms" - including a temperature.

It is said to be a "precautionary step" taken on the advice of his doctor.

US President Donald Trump began a White House press briefing by sending "our nation's well wishes" for Mr Johnson's "own personal fight with the virus".

"All Americans are praying for him. He's a great friend of mine, a great gentleman and a great leader," Mr Trump said.

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock had also tested positive for the virus and returned from self-isolation on Thursday to host the daily Downing Street news conference.

The government's chief medical adviser, Prof Chris Whitty, has also had to self-isolate after showing symptoms.

Last month, the prime minister's spokesman said if the prime minister was unwell and unable to work, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, as the first secretary of state, would stand in.

Tiger Tests Positive in US Zoo

Nadia, a 4-year-old female Malayan tiger at the Bronx Zoo, has tested positive for coronavirus. Wildlife Conservation Societys Bronx Zoo

A tiger at the Bronx Zoo, New York, has tested positive for the new coronavirus, in what is believed to be the first known infection in an animal in the U.S. or a tiger anywhere, federal officials and the zoo said Sunday.

The 4-year-old Malayan tiger named Nadia and six other tigers and lions that have also fallen ill are believed to have been infected by a zoo employee who wasn't yet showing symptoms, the zoo said. The first animal started showing symptoms March 27, and all are doing well and expected to recover, said the zoo.

The test result stunned zoo officials: I couldn't believe it, director Jim Breheny said. But he hopes the finding can contribute to the global fight against the virus that causes COVID-19.

A Rush of Local News

A total of 39 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 38 from abroad, one new death and 78 asymptomatic cases were reported on the Chinese mainland as of Sunday midnight, according to China's National Health Commission. 114 patients were discharged from hospitals, bringing the total number of recovered cases to 77,078.

Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province reported 20 imported COVID-19 cases from Russia. All the patients are Chinese nationals.

Shanghai reported 5 new imported COVID-19 cases on Sunday, bringing the number of imported cases to 197 in the city. 29 close contacts of the five infections are under observation.

A Rush of News

Greece placed a second migrant camp near Athens under lockdown after an Afghan resident tested positive for the coronavirus, the migration ministry said.

Mahmoud Jibril, the former head of the rebel government that overthrew Libya's Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, has died of the coronavirus, his party said.

A 63-year-old man was shot dead in the Philippines after threatening village officials and police with a scythe at a coronavirus checkpoint, police said on Saturday. 

Romes main hospital for treating COVID-19 infections says more patients were discharged than admitted for the first time since Italys outbreak began.

Guatemala is banning internal travel as well as spending time at the beach before and during Easter to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

US braces for 'hardest, saddest' week: US Surgeon General Jerome Adams is bracing Americans for what he says is going to be ``the hardest and the saddest week of most Americans' lives'' because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Some Pentagon workers began receiving emails from their office administrators over the weekend to come to work Monday with at least one face covering, according to an official who received one of the messages.

Police have visited the home of Scotlands Chief Medical Officer Dr. Catherine Calderwood to issue a formal warning for leaving her home without proper excuse, Scotlands Chief Constable lain Livingstone said.

The US is sending planes to evacuate Americans from India: Americans in various Indian cities will be given the chance to board evacuation flights back to the United States from this weekend, according to the US Mission to India. 

Boeing extends Seattle-area production shutdown until further notice amid coronavirus pandemic.

New York City expects to run out of ventilators by Wednesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio says.

Morocco's King Mohammed VI on Sunday pardoned 5,654 #prisoners and ordered their release in stages to avoid contagion in overcrowded jails.

Countries Confirming First Case/death

Ethiopia reported the first two deaths of patients. The first victim was a 60-year-old Ethiopian woman who had spent six days in intensive care, the second victim was a 56-year-old Ethiopian man diagnosed with COVID-19 last Thursday.

South Sudan reported its first coronavirus case, one of the last African nations to confirm the presence of COVID-19 within its borders.

Haiti is reporting its first death from the coronavirus, a 55-year-old man who had underlying health conditions.

Hard-Hit Countries

Note: The news under this section are according to official reports in these countries; the numbers might not necessarily correspond to the data in the Global table, at the top of this article, which is calculated based on Beijing 24 hours time zone at around 10:00 AM. 

France reports lowest daily death toll in a week: 

France recorded 357 coronavirus deaths in hospital in 24 hours, the lowest daily increase in a week, bringing the total death toll to 8,078. The tally included 5,889 patients who died in hospital, and 2,189 people in old age homes and other medical facilities, a government statement said.

Italy reports lowest daily death toll in over two weeks:

Italy recorded its lowest daily death toll from the coronavirus in more than two weeks, while the number of critical care patients declined for the second day. The 525 fatalities reported by the civil protection service was the lowest number since the 427 deaths recorded on March 19.

Deaths in Canada jump by 20 percent in a day:

Coronavirus deaths in Canada jumped by over 20 percent in a day to 258. By 15:05 GMT, the total number of cases rose by almost 12 percent to 14,426. On Saturday there were 12,924 cases and 214 deaths.

UK death figures rise by 621:

The United Kingdom's death toll from the coronavirus rose by 621 to 4,934 on April 4, the health ministry said. A total of 195,524 people have been tested of which 47,806 tested positive.

Spain sees third daily drop in coronavirus deaths:

Spain saw its third consecutive daily decline in the number of people dying from COVID-19 as the country recorded another 674 deaths, official figures showed. The health ministry said the number, the lowest in 10 days, brought total deaths to 12,418 since the pandemic hit Spain. The number of infections rose 4.8 percent to 130,759.

Iran's deaths from coronavirus reach 3,603:

The coronavirus death toll in Iran has reached 3,603, health ministry spokesman Kianush Jahanpur said in a statement broadcast live on state TV. Over the past 24 hours, 150 people died of COVID-19, he said.

India Observes Nationwide Candlelight Vigil

People across India turned off all lights in their homes and stood on their balconies, at their open entryways and outside their homes with candles and lamps lit, or flashlight and mobile phone lights turned on to observe a nationwide candlelight vigil Sunday night.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to the people of India to hold a nationwide candlelight vigil on Sunday at 9 p.m. local time, for nine minutes, in a show of solidarity for the countrys fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Modi said it was important for every Indian to realize that he or she wasnt alone in this fight.

Bill Gates calls pandemic a nightmare scenario, but predicts lower death toll than Trump

The coronavirus pandemic is a nightmare scenario, but the death toll due to the disease may not be as high as some, including President Donald Trump, have predicted, according to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

Trump last week predicted that the U.S. could see between 100,000 and 240,000 deaths from COVID-19 before the outbreak is under control, echoing forecasts from White House health advisor Anthony Fauci.

If we do the social distancing properly, we should be able to get out of this with a death number well short of that, Gates said Sunday. He said its very important those figures are out there so people understand the severity of the situation. 

Queen Elizabeth: 'We will succeed' against coronavirus

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II records her address to the UK and the Commonwealth in relation to the coronavirus epidemic at Windsor Castle [Buckingham Palace/AFP]

In a rare broadcast to the nation, Queen Elizabeth thanked healthcare workers on the frontline and urged a united effort to overcome the crisis, vowing "we will succeed".

In what was only the fifth televised address of her 68-year reign, the 93-year-old monarch drew on her experience in World War II and called upon Britons to demonstrate they were as strong as past generations.

"Together we are tackling this disease, and I want to reassure you that if we remain united and resolute, then we will overcome it," she said in the address from her Windsor Castle home.

300 Pilots form Help Group in Czech Republic

More than 300 pilots in the Czech Republic have joined forces to form a group of volunteers using their private planes to distribute medical equipment across the country.

The "Pilots to the People" project is meant to help state authorities fighting the epidemic of the coronavirus to deliver supplies to any place in the country as soon as possible".

The service is offered free of charge and the pilots pay for the fuel. They are using a network of some 200 airports across the country.

DIY: Make Your Own Face Mask 

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released instructions and visual tutorials on how to make cloth face coverings from common household materials.

Italian priest celebrates mass with photos of parishioners who can't attend due to quarantine

courtesy Father Giuseppe Corbari

A priest in the Lombardy region of Italy has been celebrating mass in an empty church, except for photographs of parishioners he has taped to the pews. 

Don Giuseppe Corbari told CNN that the idea of having pictures of his faithful came to him because we've started holding masses without the faithful since February 24. 

He said he found delivering mass to empty pews was difficult at the beginning.

Irish Prime Minister Returns to Medicine

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has reregistered as a medical practitioner and will work one shift a week to help during the coronavirus crisis, his office said Sunday.

"Many of his family and friends are working in the health service. He wanted to help out even in a small way," a spokesman for Varadkar told the Reuters news agency.

Varadkar worked as a doctor for seven years before becoming a politician and was removed from the medical register in 2013, according to Reuters.


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