11 Asian-Themed Accessories For Foodies

By Valerie Osipov

Get creative with these food-inspired goods, ranging from favorites like jianbing, Haidilao Hot Pot, haw flakes and more.

Jianbing Blanket

Price: RMB200
Buy: untour.redzy.com

White Rabbit Candy Perfume

Price: RMB145-285
Buy: scentlibrary.tmall.com

Instant Noodle Purse

Price: RMB151.30
Buy: taobao.com

Baozi Tote Bag

Price: RMB140
Buy: pinyinpress.com

Baijiu T-Shirt

Price: RMB188
Buy: plasteredtshirts.com

Bubble Tea Phone Case

Price: RMB14
Buy: taobao.com

Xiaolongbao Light

Price: RMB260
Buy: taobao.com

Haw Flakes Enamel Pin

Price: RMB48
Buy: giantrobot.com

Chili Pepper Pillow

Price: RMB77
Buy: Search WeChat ID: haidilaohotpot

Hot Pot Earrings

Price: RMB43
Buy: Search WeChat ID: haidilaohotpot

Xiaolongbao Soap Bar

Price: RMB69.9
Buy: taobao.com

[Cover image via Thats]

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