COVID-19: GOOD NEWS, AI Tool To Predict Severe Cases

Source: People's Daily, Xinhua, CGTN, China Daily, Global Times, CBS, iFeng, Baidu, Global  News Agencies, Majdi

China data; Asymptomatic cases to be reported

China's National Health Commission now reports the asymptomatic cases. However, since yesterday the reporting data and methodology has been slightly altered; so the below chart for China is modified in accordance with the  available official data. The charts have been removed temporarily.  


AI Tool Predicts Which Coronavirus Patients Could Get Worse

Scientists in China and the U.S. have developed an experimental Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool to help doctors predict which newly infected COVID-19 patients could go on to develop severe lung disease.

How does it work?

It turned out changes in three features levels of the liver enzyme alanine aminotransferase (ALT), reported myalgia, and hemoglobin levels are more accurate in predicting subsequent disease progress.

Researchers then trained computer models based on the data collected from 53 patients in Wenzhou Central Hospital and Cangnan People's Hospital. The accuracy in predicting the risk of patients developing acute respiratory disease syndrome at last was reported to reach 70-80 percent.

Why it matters?

If all infected cases swarm into hospitals, it will overwhelm the whole medical system. So identifying those with the greatest risk of morbidity and mortality and those who are more likely develop severe illness is a necessity, especially when critical care resources and hospital beds are limited.

A Rush of Local News

Chinese County Returns to Lockdown: Jiaxian county in Central China's Henan re-ordered a lockdown of communities and villages, as a confirmed COVID-19 patient was reported to be related to 2 asymptomatic virus carriers in the county.

China is sending 27 tons of medical supplies to Russia aiding the country's fight against Covid19 outbreak. The supplies include protective gowns, surgical gloves, thermometers, etc. The charter flight is expected to arrive on Wednesday night.

Seven Chinese medical experts have been sent to assist Iraq in fighting COVID19. 

China Imported Cases: 

A Rush of News

Former Somali Prime Minister Nour Hassan Hussein Nour Adde has died of COVID-19 in the UK, his family said on Wednesday.

Israel's Health Minister, Yaakov Litzman, and his wife tested positive for coronavirus, his office announced after midnight Wednesday, saying they were both in good condition.

Germany will extend its current restrictions on public life to limit the spread of the coronavirus by two weeks until April 19, Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

UEFA has suspended all Champions League and Europa League matches "until further notice" due to the coronavirus pandemic, European football's governing body said.

Japan Post will stop delivering letters and parcels to more than 150 countries from Thursday as flights are cancelled because of the coronavirus.

Andrew Jack, an actor who appeared in recent "Star Wars" films, died from Covid-19 complications on Tuesday morning.

Cuba will suspend all international commercial flights across the island. Foreign ships will also be required to leave the country. 

Tokyo reported 78 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday -- the highest single-day increase for Japan's capital -- as pressure builds to lock down the city. 

The Kremlin says Russian President Vladimir Putin will work remotely as much as possible after close contact with a doctor last week who has since tested positive for the new coronavirus. 

Eritrea has ordered citizens to remain in their homes for three weeks, starting from Thursday.

Sierra Leone's government has announced a three-day lockdown, which will come into effect on Sunday.

Albania whose lockdown was due to end April 3, extended the date till the end of the coronavirus. Albanian schools, cafes, restaurants and other public venues will remain shut and restrictions on social and economic activity will stay in place.

The Wimbledon Championships been canceled for the first time since World War II; originally scheduled to take place from June 29-July 12 have been cancelled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) said.

Swedish airline BRA said it was pausing all traffic between April 6 and May 31 as demand had ground to a halt amid the coronavirus pandemic

Hard-Hit Countries, CoronaVirus Update

UK: The number of deaths in hospitals in the United Kingdom rose by 563 to a total 2,352, the government said. There were 29,474 confirmed cases of the virus, up from 25,150 on Tuesday.

US: There have been at least 917 new coronavirus deaths reported in the US on Wednesday, according to a count by CNN Health. The death toll surpassed 4,700, more than double the number from three days earlier. More than twice the 2,010 recorded late on Saturday. Infection cases surpassed 200,000, according to a tally kept by Johns Hopkins University.

Spain: The number of cases surpassed 100,000, while the number of fatalities reported overnight reached a new record at 864.

Iran's death toll reached 3,036, with 138 deaths in the past 24 hours, the country had 47,593 infections.

France has reported 509 more deaths over the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of fatalities in the country to 4,032.

Italy death toll has climbed by 727 to 13,155, a significantly smaller increase than seen on Tuesday and the lowest daily tally since March 26. However, the number of new cases rose more sharply than a day earlier, growing by 4,782 against a previous 4,053, bringing total infections since the outbreak came to light on February 21 to 110,574.

Four People Infected Following Party at a Karaoke Bar

Pedestrians walk along the near-deserted Lan Kwai Fong nightlife area in the Central district of Hong Kong, on Saturday, March 28. Paul Yeung/Bloomberg via Getty Images

(China) Hong Kong has ordered the closure of all beauty parlors, clubhouses, nightclubs, karaoke rooms and mahjong centers from Wednesday as the city steps up measures to combat a second wave of coronavirus cases.

The decision comes after at least four people were infected following a party at a karaoke bar in the city's Tsim Sha Tsui district.

How Many Days Does It Take for COVID-19 Cases To Double

A Chart, by Global Times, shows the number of days each country took to double its cases of Coronavirus as of April 1. 

France Uses High-Speed Trains and Planes to Move COVID-19 patients to available hospital beds

A medical staff looks through the window of a TGV high speed train before its departure to evacuate patients infected with the COVID-19 from Paris region hospitals to Brittany, as the spread of the coronavirus disease continues, in Paris, France April 1, 2020. THOMAS SAMSON/POOL/REUTERS

Trains and planes are being pressed into action to help France transfer COVID-19 patients from the worst-hit areas of the country to places with available hospital beds. Thirty-six patients from the Paris region were transferred by train to the western region of Brittany on Wednesday alone.

They were moved on two high-speed TGV trains that have effectively been transformed into rail ambulances, with passenger seats removed to allow for all the necessary medical equipment and personnel.

Six more patients were transferred from the east of France the worst-hit region to Toulouse in the southwest, by military plane earlier today.

Many of those being evacuated are on life-support the first time ever that such high-risk transfers have been carried out in France. Officials say only patients in stable condition are being moved, and there is no added risk involved in the cross-country transfers.

Dozens of patients have also been transferred to neighboring Germany. Austria, which doesn't share a border with France, has offered to take more.

Many of New York City's Patients are Young People

New data from NYC Health shows that people aged 18 to 44 account for over 40% of the city's confirmed coronavirus cases. While this age group makes up a smaller share of hospitalizations and deaths, the figure is a reminder that no one is immune to the virus and that getting it could be devastating.

In New York City to date, people between 18 and 44 are getting COVID-19 at a rate of 514.8 cases per 100,000 people.

The next three age groups had higher rates of coronavirus cases:

  • 714.43 cases per 100,000 people ages 45 to 64

  • 717.33 cases per 100,000 people ages 65 to 75

  • 706.8 cases per 100,000 people over 75

Children age 17 and under accounted for relatively few cases - just 43.84 per 100,000.

German Health Ministry Asks People Not to Joke About Coronavirus on April Fools' Day

The German government has asked the public to refrain from joking about the coronavirus on April Fool's Day today, declaring that "Corona is no joke."

It is usually a tradition in Western countries such as Germany for people to make up stories and pull pranks on April 1.

The ministry added it was important to avoid making jokes about the virus to "minimize the danger that the fight against the virus will be made more difficult by false information on the subject.''

Editor's Note: COVID-19 Is NOT A JOKE

Coronavirus isn't an opportunity to make jokes; as April's Fools Day was yesterday, social media was swarmed with Coronavirus-related jokes triggering fears of further lockdown or restrictoins. People are losing their beloved ones; losing their jobs; falling into pverty, fear and depression; this is a time for: Unity, facts, science and hope. Let's spread smiles and love, rather than panic and fear. Wishing you a Great Day. :)