After The 60 Day Visa Extension, Will You Need to Leave China?

Source: OT-Team(AFJ)

On March 1st, China announced that the residence permit of foreigners in China would be automatically extended for two months without any formalities for extension during the epidemic period. A month has passed, and many people are wondering whats the next move with their visas?

As for this, multiple local exit-entry administration bureaus indicate that Chinese visa holders must consult the local department about the further procedure before their visas expire, as policies could vary from place to place.

Feedback on Visa Extension from Some Key Cities

To make things clear, weve contact some local exit-entry administration bureaus over the issue and below is their feedback.

During the epidemic, foreigners visas will be automatically renewed for another 60 days. However, after the outbreak, if they want to leave China, they should consult the airport border inspection department according to their own situation.

Foreigners can inquire about the next move three days in advance before their visas expire via a phone call. (Tel: 0755 - 8446 5490). Per the exit-entry staff, there will be no overdue situation in the short term.

According to the Exit and Entry Administration of Hangzhou, visas that were supposed to be expired before February 27, 2020 are extended to April 27, 2020. Visa holders can inquire about the further procedure in the Mid-April.

In the case of automatic renewal of two months, foreigners in Yiwu should go to the local exit & entry administration with materials to finish the extension procedures, the same as what it was before the epidemic.

According to the staff of Nanjing Entry & Exit Administration, whether foreigners can have their visas extended after the two-month extension, it will depend on their visa types and the reasons for application.

Foreigners who would continue to stay after the 60-day extension should make an appointment on the official website of Tianjin Entry and Exit Administration before the expiration, and then submit the renewal materials. After, they will have for an interview that will tell if they can stay or not.

Per the staff of Shenyang Entry and Exit Administration, during the epidemic period, foreigners whose two-month extension is about to expire can go to the Entry-Exit office to extend their certificates for another 60 days by providing relevant materials.

Before the 60-day extension expires, foreigners who would like to stay further should go to the Entry & Exit office with relevant materials for another extension, and the result will be based on the visa type and residence permit.

In addition, weve also tried to reach out to Beijing and Guangzhou, but so far we havent got a clear response, so we will provide an update later.

Lastly, if your city isn't on this list, it may be a good idea to contact them to ask.