After 76 Days of Living Hell, This City Finally Reopen!

After 76 days of complete lockdown, Wuhan has finally resurfaced and opened its doors to the public.

And yet, despite returning back to the days before its living hell came crawling on January 23, the city still has a long way to go before feeling normal again. 


Health green codes are used to monitor the safe and orderly flow of people coming in and out.

The safe and orderly flow of people uses health code "green code".

In this photo, passengers are seen waiting for their train at the Wuchang Railway Station in Wuhan on April 7.

Over the past 76 days, 9 million people were stuck at home, fighting the virus with optimism and tenacity, and hoping for better days to come.

And now, such days are finally here, with a long recovery ahead in a city fractured by a virus that has spread across the world.

Wuhan police expect city traffic to peak on April 8th and gradually decrease over the following week until April 15th. 

Despite this incredible milestone reached by the city of Wuhan and its citizens, now is not the time to claim victory. Commuters and other citizens should remain vigilant by checking their health code and checking their body temperature to ensure they are in the right, healthy conditions to be out in public. Masks, real-name verification and other safety inspections are also required for anyone taking public transport.

Lets all continue working together to take our final steps towards a healthier rest of the year, and beyond!

Source: weibo

Editor: Crystal H