42,000 Medical Staff Take Off Masks, Their Faces Touch Netizens

A video showing a photography team taking portrait photos for medical staff, who were dispatched from various parts of China to the Hubei for its fight against the COVID-19, has recently been played on loop across its capital Wuhan.

The Video, "witness: more than 42,000 photos help us remember the faces of the heroes who aided Hubei," that showcases the medical staff as they take off their masks and talk about their concerns and wishes has been played on various screens in places including schools, hospitals, communities, office buildings, shopping malls, and railway stations.

"Seeing such video in a hospital makes me feel touched and reassured. I hope they take care of themselves and return home early," said female citizen surnamed Wang, after watching the video at a doctors office in Hubeis Maternity and Child Healthcare Hospital in Wuhan.

Wang said these "angels in white" have fought the battle against the virus regardless of their own safety, showing people the true benevolence of medical workers.

Led by Li Ge, president of China Photographers Association, the photography team spent more than 40 days taking portrait photos for over 42,000 medical workers since Feb. 21.


Source: xinhua

Editor: Crystal H