10 Cities Ban Students & Teachers From Traveling During Holiday

Source: HangzhouTube, Global Times

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With the May Day holiday approaching, education regulators of at least 10 cities in three provinces have asked students and teachers not to leave their own cities to travel during the holiday. 

Education authorities of Huaibei in East China's Anhui Province released a notice on Sunday, saying that students and teachers are not permitted to travel to other cities and must avoid contact with people from the COVID-19 hard-hit regions and overseas returnees, and especially avoid gatherings. 
The announcement was made after Xuancheng, another city in the province, made a similar decision to guarantee the epidemic does not spread. The city stipulated that those facing special circumstances who have to leave the city must report their journeys in advance, and can only return to schools after testing and isolation with certificates.

Central China's Henan Province has applied a wider range of restrictions in six cities over the holiday period. 

Students and faculty in schools in Xuchang were asked to sign a letter of commitment promising not to move across regions. Students and teachers in Jiaozuo were also banned from leaving the city by principle. 

The city of Zhoukou has banned all faculty and students from traveling and dining out in groups, and schools that have resumed classes will not have holidays. 

Some analysts said although the rules vary from place to place, it is clear that in general, students and teachers are not encouraged to travel during the holiday. 

Moreover, some cities have cancelled the holiday for students as school has just been resumed. Hangzhou in Zhejiang said cancellation of the holiday is a way to ensure enough time for school teaching.  

On April 23, the education authority of Ma'anshan in Anhui announced that the holiday was cancelled, as some students will return to school on Sunday, and many had come from all over the province. Cancelling the holiday could also reduce the risk of infection while taking public transportation. 

Henan and Anhui had zero cases as of Sunday while Zhejiang has 10 imported cases recorded.

Chinese mainland saw 3 new cases

Chinese mainland saw 3 new confirmed COVID-19 cases on Sunday, with 2 imported cases, and 25 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

All COVID-19 patients in Wuhan were cured as of Sunday!

Per Chinas National Health Commission, all COVID-19 patients at Wuhan's hospitals were cured as of Sunday.


"Wuhan has ZERO COVID-19 patients in hospital on Sunday!" Iran Embassy to China posted on its Sina WeiBo account to congratulate the city for getting through all the hardships.


All overseas arrivals to Shenzhen to undergo 14-day centralized isolation

Per Shenzhen government on April 26, all overseas arrivals to Shenzhen shall undergo a 14-day centralized isolation and observation in the city starting from 8:00 am April 28.


Hainan saw a new case of asymptomatic infection

Hainan health authority reported a new case of asymptomatic infection on April 25, who was a close contact of COVID-19 patients and has undergone isolation in Wuhan. He returned to Hainan from Wuhan by plane on April 25.

Maintain ventilation, but do not use air conditioning: expert

On April 26, Zhang Wenhong, a Shanghai-based infectious disease doctor, suggested that schools, as far as possible, not use the central air conditioning, but maintain ventilation, which is a better way for COVID-19 epidemic prevention.

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