What Can You Do When Your Girlfriend Is Drunk?

What can you do when your girlfriend is drunk to the point of being sick and unable to walk on her own? How can you take her home efficiently?

The lesson here folks, is don't drink too much!! 

You never know how (embarrassingly) funny you are when you're drunk until you see it for yourself.

Obviously, this life lesson isnt the only fun thing weve got in store for you today 

Below are a few hilarious videos and GIFs of people filmed when theyre drunk that will surely lift your spirits (get it?).

Dad came home drunk, and his daughter decided to imitate his drunkenness. What a good little actress!


She... fell asleep.

I can't stand still

At least... He is very flexible

Couldnt make it home 

I told you not to drink so much!

Got drunk and kissed my cat like this...

But this husky looks happy

He insisted on sleeping with the dog when he was drunk, but the dog didnt seem to like that idea much.

"Say something to me! Say it!"

What happened to you?!

Has anyone ever told you stories of what you did when you were drunk? 

While it is obviously common for us adults to drink, we want to take this opportunity to remind you to be careful not to drink too much 

Who knows where your video is going to end up!

Editor: Crystal H