What Can You Buy in China with 10 RMB ?

Pocket Chinese

  What can you buy in China with 10 RMB?

Maybe, a small cup of drink, some fishballs at 711 or 2 metro tickects or some toilet tissue lol.

Yeah, 10 RMB is even not enough for a movie ticket, a cup of coffee or the taxi fee.

But the good news is

 It's only 10 RMB 

for Pinyin Learning Course & 

teacher 1-on-1 feedback &

free mandarin sentence learning for a year!

We 're not aiming to earn money but set a learning platform for the mandarin learners in need.

What Will I Gain?

1. Speak much more standard Chinese. 

Get rid of your pronunciation errors.

2. Daily learning after 7 days of camp helps you develop a daily learning habit.

3.  Be an expert in daily talks.

5.  Master more words and useful sentences.

Start Now!

No accumulation of single steps, 

can't reach a destination thousand miles away.
No integration of small streams, 

can't result in seas and oceans.