WeChat Releases New Features Disappoint After Users Found That

On March 21, Tencent finally launched its latest 7.0.12 WeChat update, which comes with the widely anticipated dark mode theme. But it took a while for users to figure out how to turn it on.

After some additional research and many failed attempts to find it in the apps settings, people found that the phone itself needed to be switched to dark mode first to enable WeChat to have its dark mode on as well. 

In other words: you cant have WeChat on dark mode unless your phone is. And as you can imagine, that created a lot of turmoil among WeChat users on social media.


From the looks of it, Androids dark mode version seems to be consistent with the iOS update.

Although it had been requested by many users, dark mode seems to have received mixed feelings among netizens, many of whom have commented on the depressing look that this new feature gives the platform.

Would you agree?

Other updated features in WeChats latest release:

1. WeChat Moments Jump

Because of the plethora of content shared on WeChat Moments, its easy to get lost and miss something. Now, WeChat allows you to jump to a specific place on your Moments that you havent seen yet.

Heres how:

2. Group Tools: Pinning Mini Programs in Group Chats 

At this point, theres a WeChat Mini Program for just about anything. And since different people may be using different programs for different purposes, WeChats latest update makes it easier for people in the same group chat to pin Mini Programs inside that groups Group Tools window to make them easily accessible to everyone based on collective needs.

Click + on the right side of your text box and hit Group Tools. The most recently used programs will appear, and the total number of programs displayed at once is 20. Group admins have the flexibility to manage and pin the most used and valuable programs at the top of the window (up to 8), while regular group members will only be able to see which programs have been pinned. 

What do you think of this new release? 

Are there any other features that youd like to see in the coming ones?

Editor: Crystal H