WeChat Announces New Dark Mode for iOS & Android!

Weve published our fair share of WeChat-related articles in the past, many of which touched on the latest features and updates released by the tech giant. 

These articles were also an opportunity for you, our readers, to share your opinion on what other features you would like to see available, one of which was a dark mode.

Well, good news: dark mode will be out soon!

Heres the March 9 announcement by WeChat on its Weibo account:

"To optimize the user experience, WeChat has partnered with Apple to explore a dark mode setting on iOS. This feature has been developed and is expected to be released in the next update. Stay tuned."


If youre reading this and thinking Wait, what about Android?, fear not. 

WeChat has also announced that its dark mode feature has been successfully grayscaled and will be updated in future releases. However, it has not yet specified which release it will be.

So here we are, waiting for WeChat's new dark mode. 

Stay tuned on GICExpat for more info coming up soon!

Editor: Crystal H

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