How Do You Order Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Online?

During the virus epidemic time since January, are you stuck at home and could not get out? Its not so convenient to go out to buy fruit or vegetable every day.But you can make it online! Just in 5 minutes and following steps.
There are 3 most popular APPs to recommend.H mMi r yu xinDng dng mi ci
You can search them from you APP store.There are 6 steps to get your order and steps of these 3 APPS are more or less the same. Lets take H m as an example.

Step 1

Search from your APP store withH m, install it.

Step 2 

Register with your phone numberor just log in by yourTaobao orAlipay account.

Step 3

Add your address.(W de), My(Shu hu dzh)Shipping address
Ready to shopping?Here we go!

Step 4

Add whatever you like

Step 5

Submit the order and to pay it!

Step 6

And you can choose the time to delivery.
Now just wait an hour to get it comes to you.You will receive a message when your order starts shipping, the deliverer (, Kuid xio gwill call you when he arrives.
What do you want to buy for your first order?
  - end -  

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