These Drunken Elephants are the Story China Needs Right Now

By Ned Kelly

A picture of two elephants sleeping peacefully in a tea garden after going on a glorious corn wine bender in Southwest Chinas mountainous Yunnan province has gone viral. And we fully approve.

In a time of quarantine, social distancing and feeds dominated by COVID-19 posts, who doesnt want to hear about a herd of 14 elephants taking a stroll through a village, helping themselves to a little corn and food, and then dunking their trunks into a stash of hill dwellers homemade hooch?

According to Wen Lv News, the elephants are believed to have chugged 30 kilograms of corn wine from farmers homes in Menghai county in Yunnans Xishuangbanna Dai autonomous prefecture on March 11.

What followed we can only assume was the greatest (tea) garden party of all time...

Followed by a well-earned rest...

Well played, drunken Yunnan elephants, well played!

[All images via HGS Dhaliwal/Twitter]

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