Tencent Files China's 1st Cloud Gaming Lawsuit!

Source: Abacus

Gaming companies can be touchy about where their games get played. Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts wont let Nvidia host their games on its cloud gaming platform GeForce Now, for example.

Now a similar battle is playing out in China with Tencent filing Chinas first cloud gaming lawsuit to protect popular games like League of Legends.

According to a court in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou, Tencent recently filed legal proceedings against an unnamed tech company in Guangzhou. Tencent accuses the company of making games like League of Legends, CrossFire and Dungeon Fighter Online available to consumers via cloud gaming. 

Tencent is seeking damages of more than 9.6 million yuan (US$1.35 million).

Tencent is alleging that the Guangzhou company is practicing unfair competition and stealing customers from Tencents own cloud gaming platform. Tencent also alleges that the competing platform lowers the graphic quality of the Tencents games, leading to a worse experience for users.