Stayed Home Too Long: Couples Are Filing for Divorce

It seems divorces are in full bloom this season.

After officially reopening its doors, the Marriage Registry Office of Xian reported an unusually busy workload as divorce applications are piling up.

Between the Spring Festival up until today, everyone stayed home. And while you would think that this allowed people to spend more quality time with one another and become even closer, things look to have shifted the other way.

Registry office staff said they are processing more divorce applications on a daily basis than ever before. Many couples across the country just couldnt make it through this self-quarantine period and, from the looks of it, drove one another crazy to a point of no return.

One would hope that the reason for filing for a divorce wasnt about the marriage itself being completely broken and irreparable but simply because of disagreements and mutual anger that can be worked on, if given the time to.

Unfortunately, far too many couples have decided to go the radical route as opposed to trying to work things out now that everyone is gradually allowed to return to work.

Nationwide, netizens wondered how this outbreak could have possibly led to the irreparable damage of so many couples. Some jokingly argued that husbands and wives were finally able to see things that they had never noticed about the other person before since they were spending every single day in the same place together.

Now that the outbreak situation is seemingly improving in different parts of China, people are slowly coming back out and, hopefully, will resume meeting one another.

Things will get better all in due time!

Editor: Crystal H