Shanghai's policies to support enterprises amid COVID-19

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Policies and Measures of Shanghai to Prevent and Control the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP) and to Support and Serve the Stable and Healthy Development of Enterprises (Abstract)


Provide full support for enterprises to fight against the NCP

1. Increase fiscal support for key enterprises involved in the prevention and control work.

2. Strengthen special financial credit support for key enterprises involved in the NCP prevention and control.

3. Broaden direct financing channels for enterprises involved in the NCP prevention and control.

4. Bring into better play the safeguard function of insurance.

5. Support enterprises producing and selling key NCP prevention & control materials to expand production capacity and increase imports.

6. Offer tax preference for imported NCP prevention & control materials.

7. Establish green channels for rapid clearance of imported NCP prevention materials.

8. Support the development of innovative products for NCP prevention & control.

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Effectively relieve the burdenfor all kinds of enterprises

9. Reduce/waive rents for enterprises.

10. Postpone the deadline for tax declaration.

11. Give tax incentives for related enterprises and individuals.

12. Relieve the tax burden of individual businesses that pay taxes periodically at a fixed amount.

13. Temporarily refund the tourism service quality deposits and subsidize the construction of cultural undertakings.

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Enhance financial support for enterprises

14. Provide funds for enterprises in multiple ways.

15. Step up efforts to support enterprises with liquidity problems.

16. Strengthen the supporting role of financing guarantee.

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Strive to provide assistance to enterprises and ensure stable employment

17. Continue to implement the policy of returning unemployment insurance premiums to the employers maintaining stable employment.

18. Postpone the adjustment of social insurance payment base.

19. Extend the social insurance premium payment period.

20. Implement the policy of subsidizing training expenses.

21. Appropriately lower the medical insurance premiums of employees.

22. Implement a flexible employment policy.

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Take measure to help enterprises resume work and production in an orderly manner

23. Provide services for enterprises to help them resume work and production.

24. Strengthen the employment guarantee of enterprises.

25. Foster and support the development of enterprises with new technologies, new models and new business forms.

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Optimize the business environment for enterprises

26. Optimize the business environment for enterprises.

27. Improve the credit repair mechanism for enterprises.

28. Strengthen the legal service support.

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Where the state has issued the policies and measures to support and serve the stable and healthy development of enterprises, Shanghai shall comply with such policies and measures. The relevant departments of the municipal government shall be responsible for formulating and promulgating the detailed rules for the implementation of such policies and measures. The government of each district may, in light of the actual situation, issue specific implementation measures. The implementation of these policies and measures shall be effective as of the date of issuance, and the validity shall be extended for another 3 months after the end of the NCP (if the time limit for implementation of specific policies and measures has been specified, such provisions shall prevail).

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