PHOTOS: Low-Budget to Lavish Quarantine Hotels in China

Anyone who is traveling right now can unanimously agree that getting to your destination is no easy task. As China currently clamps down on imported cases of COVID-19, going as far as banning foreigners from entering the country, and ruling that all those that do enter the country must stay at a designated quarantine facility at their own expense for anywhere from a couple days to weeks (depending on the case). 

Below, we share some photos and stories from travelers recently returning to China. 


Julia flew from Berlin to Shanghai on March 11, and a fellow passenger on her flight tested positive for the virus. Three days after her arrival, she was called by the Shanghai quarantine committee and put into a 14-day quarantine. In her case, she chose the hotel herself as opposed to being designated to it. Images via Julia

Michael arrived in Shanghai from Venice via Frankfurt on March 15. This is the thermometer they gave to me for self check. I need to check my body temperature two times per day and leave the thermometer outside of my room. Images via Michael


Nicola flew from Indonesia to Beijing on March 16. The hotel costs RMB420 per day, plus RMB70 for three meals a day which totals to about RMB7,000 for the two weeks.Overall - its not that bad! Really! I was scared and bracing myself for a damned two weeks. But while its not ideal, its not bad either. Its actually shaping up to be quite comfortable. The worst part was the long processing time and the cold 8 hours altogether. Images via Nicola Licata 


*John flew from Bangkok to Guangzhou on March 17. In fact, under the circumstances I felt everything was done very well and was well organized... I am more than impressed with my accommodation and facilities again considering the volume of people Im sure theyre having to handle. Images via John


Glenlyne arrived in Shenzhen from the Philippines on March 18. Images via Glenlyne

Eliana flew to Hong Kong and crossed to Shenzhen via Shenzhen Bay Port on March 18. She was put in a hotel right beside her apartment building, all her tests came back negative but she still is awaiting to be escorted back to her apartment to finish the duration of her quarantine. Images via Eliana

Katherine entered Shenzhen through Shenzhen Bay Port via Hong Kong on March 16 from the US before the Hong Kong quarantine became compulsory for all travelers. The facility she stayed in is asking for guests to pay RMB4,000 for the two week stay. Images via Katherine In Shenzhen, those in quarantine at government facilites and at home have even had fruit boxes sent to them, to thank them for their patience and cooperation.

Image via *Lynn

Image via Lisa Daisy

*Name has been changed for privacy reasons.

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[Cover image via Michael, Glenlyne, Nicola Licata, Eliana]

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