COVID-19 Cases Can Decrease in April: Expert

Source: HangzhouTube, China Daily, CGTN

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A fifth webinar was conducted between the Chinese team led by Zhong Nanshan head of China's COVID-19 expert team and U.S. experts on Friday, discussing the situation, diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19.

If strict measures can be implemented worldwide, cases are expected to peak in Europe in the coming week, and then go down. An initial success in containing the global pandemic may be achieved in April, Zhong estimated during an exclusive interview with CCTV after the video conference.

As some countries have put cities under lockdown, Zhong cautioned that lockdowns do not equate to having solved the problem. He called on people to follow protection principles and policies, saying "personal protection is also very important in the places under lockdown."

"As far as I am concerned, if all can adopt active policies, the tally can be decreasing in April." Zhong said.

 Zhejiang saw 3 new imported COVID-19 cases

Saturday Zhejiang saw 3 new imported COVID-19 cases, respectively from Italy, Holland and Germany. As of 24:00 on March 28, a total of 36 imported cases were reported in Zhejiang and 9 of them were discharged.

Chinese mainland reports 45 new COVID-19 infections on Saturday, with 44 being imported cases; 5 new deaths. 


China unlikely to have second outbreak

Zhong Nanshan head of China's COVID-19 expert team said on Friday there would not be a second wave of outbreak in China with its current measures.

"Based on China's prevention and control measures, new cases can be confined to a very small population. I don't think there will be a big outbreak under such strong measures, but the premise is to actively prevent and control and remain vigilant." Zhong said.

China-Europe freight train service resumed in Wuhan


China-Europe freight train service from Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei province, resumed regular operations on Saturday, allowing more goods such as medical supplies and daily necessities to flow more efficiently between the two regions, according to the Wuhan branch of the China State Railway Group.

On Saturday morning, the X8015/6 rail carrying 50 cargo containers left the Wuhan station en route to central Europe. It is the first freight train of its kind to leave Wuhan after the COVID-19 outbreak began, and it is estimated to reach Duisburg, Germany in 15 days.

China sends medical experts to Pakistan

In order to help Pakistan cope with the novel coronavirus epidemic, the Chinese government has decided to send an anti-epidemic medical expert team to Pakistan, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang on Saturday.

The team was set up by the National Health Commission and members were selected by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Health Commission.

The team set off on Saturday afternoon.

When can we have drugs and vaccines to beat coronavirus? Expert

On March 26, CCTV host Bai Yansong interviewed Zhou Qi, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and interpreted the scientific progress of the new coronavirus.

Some of the antibodies have been reported to the SFDA

Zhou Qi: now some of the antibodies have been reported to the drug administration, and many of them are made with the latest technology. Part of these antibodies are expected to complete animal experiments in a very short period of time and be put to clinical to test its effectiveness.

Vaccine research has its own characteristics

Zhou Qi: vaccine research has its own characteristics just like drugs. The research and development of the virus vaccine did not start from scratch. Over the years, we have fought against Ebola and MERS, which made us have a lot of early accumulation in the process of vaccine research and development. So now the vaccine research and approval are accelerating.

There should be more than one vaccine

Zhou Qi: vaccines also change with the change of viruses. The final vaccine should not be just one kind. There will be different vaccines for different viruses. There will also be different changes for different variants.

Will everyone be vaccinated in the future?

Zhou Qi: we have influenza vaccine, and not everyone needs to take a shot of it. We look forward to a better treatment and a better prevention for coronavirus.

How far is the cure from us?

Zhou Qi: for the novel coronavirus, there is no real specific medicine for the time being and it is the top priority of prorates to find it in the future R&D. As we all know, the development of drugs is not a short process. But what we are facing today is not a process of starting from scratch, because the research on coronavirus has lasted for many years, and a lot of work should be successful in the near future.

Are vaccines the only way to end the epidemic?

Zhou Qi: in the process of anti-epidemic, all means are necessary and should be reserved. Vaccine is an important means but not the only one.

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