Now, You Can Buy Masks Without Booking Them! Here's How!

Source: OT-Team (AFJ)

Per Chinese media on Thursday, daily over 20 million masks are on the market as mask manufacturing enterprises have resumed work. Now people in China can buy masks including filter-type respirators, children's masks, disposable medical masks, N95 masks without booking them.

Where & How

People now can buy masks on 3 platforms, which are namely TMALL, and WeChat.

According to statistics, from March 12 to March 18, sales of TMALL's masks increased by 97% over the last week of February. In addition to the limited edition with lower price, which still needs to be purchased in advance, people in China are able to buy off-the-shelf medical masks for a reasonable price on TMALL.

One mask Costs Less than 2 yuan at TMALL

How to buy a mask on TMALL

Step 1: Download the TMALL app

Step 2: Input the word (kouzhao/mask) in the search box on the home page, and then pick the one you want.

Step 3: Click buy now) , fill in your address and pay.

Purchase on and WeChat

Apart from TMALL, local governments also cooperate with and Alibaba Health to carry out local services people can buy masks on the platform just like ordering a take-out.

Enter (kouzhao/mask) on the searching box on WeChat home screen, and tap on the search button to enter the screen of supplier list.

Purchase on Demand

The mask supply is gradually getting sufficient and people are suggested to buy masks as per their own demand.

As for when people will be able to get rid of masks, an expert named Lu stated that this could happen when the last infected region has 0 cases, and an additional 28-day observation is met.