How can u keep yourself safe from the coronavirus at workplace?

As more people return to work after the extended Spring Festival holiday, how can you keep yourself safe from the novel coronavirus at your workplace? Let's study a few mandarin words and learn what to do.

shng bn t zhng 


On your way to work

1.qng di ho kuzho. 


 Please wear a mask.

2. jiny zul qch shngbn. 


Go to work on foot or by bike.

do le gng s 


When arriving at the company

1.Jn ling zu lu t .


Please take the stairs if possible.

2.Rgu bx zu dint  


Qng di ho kuzhojnling b yo ch png dint. 

If you have to take the elevator, wear a mask and avoid touching items in the elevator.

zi bn gng sh l 

           at office

1.Qng di ho kuzho. 


Keep wearing a mask.

2.Shyng xiod y xiod. 


Disinfect public areas and objects each day.

3.Du kichung tngfng. 


Frequently open windows and ventilate the air.

4.Du shyng  shpn huy. 


Hold video meetings.

ch fn sh 


when have meal

1.Bmin gofng shjin. 


Avoid peak hours for dining.

2.Jnling dbo dihu.


Ask for takeout if possible.

3.Fn qin fn hu ydng yo xshu. 


Wash hands before and after meals.

xi bn hu 


after work

1.B yo cnji jhu huzh bide hudng 


Do not attend parties or group activities.

2.B q dinyng yunshngchng dng rn du de dfang.


Do not go to cinemas or malls and other crowded places.