Help! Where to buy size 46+ shoes in China?

  Have you ever experienced this situation? You were planning a trip to China, You started to think about what to pack.  You may wonder" what if I forget to bring an item of clothing or shoes, will I be able to find it in China? The answer probably is "no". On average, Chinese people's shoes and clothing sizes are much smaller than some westerners.

New words

xi m

     shoe size

nn mi

    difficult to buy

sh h


mi b do

   couldnt buy

m fan

   trouble; troublesome





N chun du d de xi zi


What's your shoe size?

W chun 47 m de xi z .


I wear 47.

B ho ysiwmen zhl miyu zhme d de xiz .    Sorry, we don't have this size shoe here.


W de jio ti d le

zi ZhngGu mi b do shh w de xizi. 

My feet are too big thats why I couldnt find suitable shoes in China.

Suy yu dinr mfan

w bx zi gu wi mi xiz. 


Therefore,its kind of troublesome. I must buy them overseas and then

rnhu dbo di hu ZhngGu . 


Pack up, take back to China.