Hangzhou: Overseas Travelers to Pay Quarantine Cost on Their Own

Source: HangzhouTube

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On March 18, Hangzhou newly issued strict regulations on inbound passengers which are as follows: 

For those who come from the hard-hit countries (regions) within 14 days, shall be subject to a 14-day centralized medical observation.

For those who come to Zhejiang from non-epidemic countries (regions) within 14 days, they shall report to their communities within 1 hour after arrival, and report their body temperature daily.

All Chinese and foreign citizens entering Zhejiang Province shall be treated equally, and no difference shall be made in the implementation of prevention and control measures. 

All the long-distance transportation expenses and centralized medical observation expenses (including accommodation expenses) incurred by the inbound personnel to Zhejiang Province shall be borne by themselves. 

For testing and medical expenses, those who participate in basic medical insurance or purchase commercial insurance shall be reported or compensated in accordance with relevant regulations; those who do not participate in basic medical insurance shall pay for it themselves; those with special difficulties shall be rescued in accordance with relevant regulations.

Girl Returned from US Went Home Directly? Official Response!

Per the news onlineon March 18, a student who came back from the United States in a compound in the Xihu District in Hangzhou did not take her centralized isolation and tried to enter the compound where she got stopped and had a dispute with the security staff. The news soon caused wide attention from the mass.

Later, Xihu District responded after an investigation. It turned out that the girl, Cheng, returned to Hangzhou from the United States and finished her unified examination and temperature measurement at the central isolation place in Xihu District. Cheng is 16 years old, still a minor, is in line with the regulations of Hangzhou that she is not suitable for centralized isolation, which is why she is arranged to be isolated at home.

During the period of home isolation, her guardian shall make sure everything be in place, and the community shall ensure that the family strictly abide by the closed management requirements.

Another Imported Case Conformed in Qingtian

A new imported case was confirmed in Qingtian on March 18, which totaled up 12 confirmed cases (all overseas Chinese of Qingtian) imported from abroad have been reported. 

As of now, 11 patients have been isolated in designated hospitals and one other patient has been cured and discharged. 

Heroes Triumph! Zhejiang Medical Staff is Back!


These days, the medical aid teams sent to Hubei Province began to leave Wuhan in groups. 150 medical workers of the second Zhejiang medical team aiding Wuhan also completed their task and returned to Hangzhou on the afternoon of March 19. They are the first Zhejiang medical aid team to return home.


Song Baishan, vice president of Zhejiang Hospital, served as the general leader of the second medical teams during their aid in Hubei Province. The team members came from dozens of provincial and county-level hospitals, including 40 doctors, 97 nurses, and other personnel. At 6PM on January 27, Song Baishan received the order, and he set out from Hangzhou leading his team on January 28. In Hubei, they took over two intensive care units and a critical care unit of Tianyou Hospital Affiliated to Wuhan University of Science and Technology.


As of March 13, the team have admitted 192 new patients, including 108 severe patients and 32 critical patients. 135 of them have recovered and left hospital, and 46 of them have been transferred to new designated hospitals for further treatment.


Farewell to fighting for a long time in Wuhan, Song Baishan said, "my oath has been realized!"


Before returning to Hangzhou, the team sorted out the remaining materials and donated them to the local government, hotels and homes for the elderly.


At the donation site, the Wuhan volunteer in charge of transportation said, "thank you to the medical workers all over the country. These days, we have met a lot of brave medical workers, who are fearless in front of hardship and even death, and have worked on the front-lines day and night for so long. On behalf of myself and the people of Wuhan, thank you! May you be welcome back when Wuhan recovers! "

Warm Weekend is Approaching!

Affected by the warm and humid air flow, the temperature in Hangzhou will keep going up in the next two days, with the highest temperature at the weekend reaching 28 !

Now is best season of Hangzhou, have a great weekend!

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