Hangzhou: No More Masks Needed in 6 Situations

Source: HangzhouTube

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On March 21, Hangzhou issued a circular stating that all kinds of enterprises and institutions, buildings, scenic spots, hotels, shopping malls, subways, buses, taxis and other public places and means of transportation have canceled the control measures of temperature screening and health code checking. 

In addition. The circular made it clear that in the following six cases, masks are not required in Hangzhou.

Case 1: In parks, greenway, scenic spots, streets and other outdoor places, with no people gathered;
Case 2: During field exploration, aerial work, construction site and agricultural labor; 
Case 3: When riding bicycles / electric vehicles, walking, and exercising in open spaces; 
Case 4: When being with colleagues without overseas contact history in well ventilated places / small-scale meetings; 
Case 5: Driving alone or in a private car with a familiar person; 
Case 6: When doing non-group indoor sports. 
Hangzhou also stipulates that libraries, cultural centers, art galleries, museums, intangible cultural heritage exhibition centers, cinemas, indoor and outdoor stadiums, restaurant boxes, as well as public and business venues such as exhibitions, bookstores, works of art, performing arts, entertainment, Internet cafes can be reopened from now on. 
At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen ventilation and disinfection, reasonably control the number of personnel in the site, and implement health monitoring and internal management measures for employees. 
It is worth noting that religious places and offline training institutions are not open for the time being, and the opening time will be notified separately.

Tracking of the New Confirmed Patient in Zhejiang

On March 21, 2020, one new imported COVID-19 case was confirmed in from Wenzhou, which was the third case of its kind in the city.

The patient, the wife of Wenzhou's first imported patient, flew to Beijing with her husband from Barcelona, Spain, on March 14. On March 15, she took flight CA1567 from Beijing to Wenzhou Longwan International Airport. After Airport Quarantine, she was directly transferred to the centralized isolation place by special bus for medical observation.


The patient developed symptoms during isolation and was later diagnosed. As of now, her condition is stable, and her close contacts have been isolated in designated hospitals.

Weather Forecast of Hangzhou This Week

This week, Hangzhou will have showers and/or thunderstorms. From the 27th to the morning of the 28th it will rain. Generally speaking, in the week the temperature will rise first and then fall, with the highest temperature reaching 25-28  on the 26th; the lowest temperature reaching 4-6  on the 28th and 29th. 

All Inbound Travelers to Shanghai to Receive Nucleic Acid Test


On March 22, Shanghai announced that in order to further toughen port control, in addition to the centralized isolation of personnel, Shanghai will carry out a new coronavirus nucleic acid detection, with a 100% rate, for all inbound personnel from non-key countries and regions of pandemic.

Expert: The Epidemic is Expected to be Under Control This Summer

Professor Zhang Wenhong, director of the infection department of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Fudan University, leader of the Shanghai COVID-19 medical treatment expert group and member of the Standing Committee of the infectious diseases branch of the Chinese Medical Association, said on March 17, it is expected that most COVID-19 cases will be well controlled this summer, and the epidemic will go through a trough.


But it's hard to predict whether it will recur in the next winter. After summer, the number of patients will decrease, but sporadic patients will appear all the time, which will last until this winter, and then next spring, there may be a small outbreak, and then slowly come down.


In addition, Professor Zhang believes that if a person does a good job in self-protection, his / her risk of infection is extremely low as the risk only exists when being close contact with an infected person. No contact, no risk.

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