Chance of Second Virus Outbreak in China "Relatively High

Despite positive signs of recovery nationwide, the possibility of a second COVID-19 outbreak in mainland China has not been dismissed following a rise in imported cases from overseas according to Mi Feng, a spokesperson for the National Health Commission.

By the end of Saturday, March 28, 693 cases from 42 countries had been reported, among which 7 nations accounted for a whopping 83.4% of the total number of patients. Feng stressed that the threat of another epidemic outbreak in the country is very real and remains relatively high.

Meanwhile, the number of domestic cases has continued to drop, now reaching below 3,000 and counting. 

China has already taken strong measures towards preventing any more imported cases from entering China by blocking airlines from flying in and passengers from passing through customs, even those who hold a valid residence or work permit.

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Source: xinhua

Editor: Crystal H