All China Travelers To Use New Health Declaration Form

Source: OT-Team, Majdi

On March 11, according to the website of the General Administration of Customs, the fourth edition of the "Entry / Exit Health Declaration Form of the People's Republic of China" has been officially launched since March 3.

The contents of the declaration card are adjusted according to the needs of the epidemic prevention and control. 

Compared with the third edition, the fourth edition mainly adds questions with regard to: 14 days travel history; China address for the next 14 days; expands the symptoms: to fever, fatigue, dry cough, sputum, headache, sore throat, shortness of breath, dyspnea, chest tightness, conjunctival congestion, diarrhea, other symptoms; and whether antipyretics, cold medicine, etc. were taken in the past 72 hours.

The health declaration form can also be filled online using WeChat mini program. 

The customs reminds that passengers who have already performed health declaration through the WeChat mini-program only that need to show the health declaration code when they actually enter and leave the country, and then accept the customs health quarantine through the temperature measurement channel in turn. 


The New Health Declaration Form

The online version

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