5 Things to Know About Chinas Justin Bieber, Lu Han

By Tristin Zhang

Sino Celeb is a monthly feature where we introduce a Chinese celebrity to our readers.

Think of Lu Han as Chinas Justin Bieber, sans the tattoos and mustache. The Beijing native started out dancing and singing as part of a wildly popular Korean boy band called EXO. Along with his musical pursuits, Lu has also become quite the actor, starring in such big-budget Chinese films as Shanghai FortressThe Founding of an Army and The Great Wall. Lus fans, affectionately called Rice of Lu, are devoted and once booked a whole theater to see him in the film 20 Once Again. Below are five fast facts about the Chinese megastar.

K-pop Stardom

Lu first built up his fame with Chinese audiences during his years with popular Korean boy band EXO.

Little Fresh Meat 

When this now-prevalent Chinese internet buzzword was first coined a few years ago, it was usually associated with Lu Han, along with Kris Wu and the TF Boys, referring to young, handsome and innocent-looking males. 

Image via Weibo

Guinness Glory

After shifting his career back to China, Lus fan base expanded so much that one of his Weibo posts received over 13 million comments, which became a Guinness World Record. 

Chizza Inventor 

Perhaps you remember KFCs viral fried chicken/pizza commercial, where Lu proclaimed himself KFCs new colonel because he invented chizza.

Young Millionaire 

With a net worth of RMB270 million in 2018, Lu, at 26 years old, was ranked fifth on Chinas Top 10 Post 90s Millionnaire List by Chongqing-based 21st Century Talent Report and state-run China Internet Information Center.

[Cover image via @/Weibo]

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