Whistleblower Chinese Doctor Died From Virus in Wuhan

In the early morning of February 7, the official Weibo account of the Wuhan Central Hospital announced that Dr. Li Wenliang, 34, passed away at 2:58 am on February 7 due after falling fatally ill due to the 2019-nCoV.

The World Health Organization's official account has tweeted its condolences following his death.

But why are some people calling him a whistleblower?

Sadly, Li Wenliang eventually contracted the virus on January 8, Li Wenliang after coming into close contact with a patient who had been diagnosed with having the 2019-nCoV later.

Shortly after on January 10, he developed symptoms including cough and fever, which aggravated quickly.

He was officially confirmed with having contracted the novel coronavirus on February 1 and had already transmitted it to several of his colleagues and parents.

Dr. Li Wenliang shared the following message on social media:

"I began coughing severely on January 10th, had a fever on January 11th, and was hospitalized on January 12th. I think I must have gotten it while receiving and treating a patient because I was not wearing any protection while dealing with him, who had felt a fever since before the 9th.

The following is an update he shared on his condition after having contracted the virus: 

Its still very hard for me to breathe, and Im unable to move. My parents are in hospital with me, along with many other supporters who have shown heartwarming encouragement in the fight we have been spearheading. Seeing them standing there has uplifted my mood and motivated me to get back on the front lines as soon as I feel better. I don't want to be a deserter."

May your beautiful soul rest in peace.

Source: weibo

Editor: Crystal H

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