Warm Suggestions by Exit-Entry Administration During This Period

Warm Suggestions by Exit-Entry Administration of Guangdong Public Security Department(GDPSD) during the Period of Prevention and Control on Pneumonia Caused by Novel Coronavirus

Under the leadership of Guangdong Committee of Communist Party and Guangdong People's Government, all levels of authorities in Guangdong province has activated the first-level response to public health emergency and taken a series of rigorous measures since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. To provide foreigners with accurate information concerning immigration matters, and assist them in better organizing personal schedules during this period of time, Exit-Entry Administration of GDPSD kindly recommends the following practices to all foreigners residing in Guangdong province:

I. Foreigners may exit from and enter to China as usual by carrying valid international travel documents. 

Though there are some border checkpoints being closed temporarily in Guangdong province, most checkpoints and port visa offices are still open during the epidemic prevention and control period. And current visa free policy for foreigners transiting in Guangdong province remains unchanged at the moment. Foreigners may exit from and enter to China as usual, but consultation about the status of specific checkpoints and port visa offices are highly recommended. Due to entry restriction adopted by some countries/regions, foreigners who need to exit from China shall learn the latest entry policy of your destination countries in advance to avoid any inconveniences and financial or time loss in case of any entry rejection. Those who travel to countries/regions without any entry restriction, are advised to arrive at the border checkpoints well ahead of departure time for necessary checks. Foreigners having fever with symptom of acute respiratory infection such as cough or breathing difficulties, shall avoid international travels and seek immediate medical treatment at the nearest designated hospitals. Information such as recent activities and close contact persons should be provided to relevant authorities for necessary investigation and inspection.

II. Exit-entry administration authorities will be in full service for extension and issuance of visa and residence permits.

During the period of epidemic prevention and control, exit-entry document application centers in Guangdong province may suspend for some services, but visa and residence permit application service for foreigners will continue to be in place to ensure foreigners' legitimate stay in China. To avoid congestion, exit-entry administration authorities may arrange the service in accordance with the local epidemic prevention policy. Foreigners are advised to make appointments in advance for any application. The addresses and contact details of the visa and residence permit application points in different cities could be found below.

III. Foreigners who overstay due to the reason epidemic prevention and control policy could be given a lighter, mitigated or remitted punishment. 

According to Exit-Entry Administration Law of China, foreigners shall exit or apply for document extension before their visas or residence permits expire. In light of the relevant regulations and current situation, those who are unable to exit as scheduled or extend their visas or residence permits due to the reason of epidemic prevention and control policy could be given a lighter, mitigated or remitted punishment by exit-entry administration authorities depending upon the circumstances of individual cases.

Foreigners in Guangdong province are kindly encouraged to follow the epidemic prevention policy of local authorities. Please do avoid to visit epidemic outbreak areas, increase self-protection awareness, avoid to stay in crowded places, keep good hygiene by washing your hands, maintaining proper ventilation in your rooms, wear a surgical mask when going out, and try to avoid face to face contact. If you experience any severe respiratory symptoms, such as fever, cough, fatigue or breathing difficulty, please visit the designated hospital in a timely manner. If you need any assistance, please contact with the foreign affair offices of local governments, public security authorities, as well as the embassy or consulate of your country in China.


1. a) Addresses and Contact Details of Visa and Residence Permit Application Points in Guangdong Province

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2. b) Designated Hospitals for Emerging Infectious Diseases in Guangdong Province

3. c) Exit-Entry Information Consultation Link (Which Contains the Information of Entry Policies of Different Countries/Regions and the Status of Border Checkpoints in China)

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Source: Exit-Entry Administration of Guangdong Public Security Department

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