China Isn't Alone: Thanks to Countries' Aid to Fight the Virus!

The current COVID-19 pandemic has led to a plethora of shortages in food supplies and other preventive items such as protective masks and hand sanitizers. 

Luckily, other countries have stepped up and offered a much-needed hand to provide additional supplies, donate money, or by showing continuous support and encouragement to get through this tough period.

This article pays tribute to the nations that have had Chinas back since the novel coronavirus has begun to spread. This is not the full list, as many others have also expressed their support which we all feel immensely grateful for.


Russia was very quick to provide aid to China after the outbreak started on three separate occasions since February 1.

The first one saw half a million surgical masks being sent to China; the second one sent supplies, and the third donated 23 tons of medical equipment to all the volunteer workers on the ground.

On February 8, the cargo arrived at Russia's Zhukovsky international airport and was loaded onto a cargo plane on route to China.

A Russian foreign ministry spokesman showed support for China's fight against the disease in Chinese at a press conference: "During this difficult time, Russia stands with China. Russia expresses its sincere support to the Chinese people and wishes for a great final victory."


Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced that all of Pakistans remaining stocks of anti-epidemic medical supplies would be mobilized and sent to China, and that The Pakistani people stand strong with the brotherly Chinese people.

The Pakistani government has mobilized 300,000 surgical masks, 800 sets of protective suits and 6,800 pairs of gloves from public hospitals across the country, which arrived in China on the afternoon of February 1.


Meanwhile, Kazakhstan has also shown support by providing China with 1 million pairs of surgical masks and 500,000 masks, along with 13.6 tons of urgently needed medical supplies.


England has sent medical supplies to Wuhan, which arrived at the Wuhan Tianhe international airport on January 31. The first batch included 50,000 pairs of medical gloves and 35,000 sets of protective suits and goggles.

Chinese communities from around the U.K. have also participated, taking it upon themselves to send additional supplies to Wuhan by loading their packages onto China-bound planes at the London Heathrow Airport.


Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the Japanese government, as well as other local governments, enterprises and individuals, have volunteered to donate anti-epidemic supplies to China.

On January 25, one million masks donated by the Japanese people to China were successfully transported from Tokyo to Wuhan.

Some shops are taking a step further by giving away masks.

Others are showing support for Wuhan with signs reading Wuhan Jia You!

Hanging street signs are also sending messages of support in both Japanese and Chinese.


On February 1, Thailand donated 121,000 masks, 650 N95 masks, 2,000 protective suits, 600 protective glasses and 111,000 disposable gloves to China.

Local staff and cities are also showing their support with messages of encouragement for the people of Wuhan and China. 

South Korea

The South Korean embassy in China displayed banners of solidarity and posted the following message on its official Weibo account on February 11: China's difficulties are also our own. The embassy of South Korea stands with you!" with a hashtag reading Support China's fight against the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia.

Seoul announced it would provide 600 million won (about RMB 3.53 million) in aid to 12 Chinese cities, including Beijing and Chongqing, to help fight the outbreak.

Milan, Italy

Dubai, UAE

Throughout this difficult period, China and its people will not forget the great amount of support received from nations and communities across the globe.

It is in times of crises like this when we can (and should) all come together to support one another to make it through.

China, ji yu! 

Source: Weibo/ CCTV

Editor: Crystal H


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