Interview With the 1st Foreigner Recovered from the Virus!

Source: JobTube, Freya W., Josh B.

Photo provided by Wei.

On February 15, according to the Chinese mainstream media, an overseas student from Pakistan, named Wei Xing (alias), who was the first foreigner healed of the CoViD-19, accepted the interview to tell the public about his 18-day treatment in the Eighth People's Hospital of Guangzhou.

As per the news staff, Wei was studying in Wuhan. In the middle of January, he traveled from Wuhan to Guangdong. On January 26, he felt unwell and went to the hospital, then he was confirmed and had to stay there for further therapy. Luckily, he recovered and was discharged on February 12. In order not to worry his family, he kept it as a secret at the time of diagnosis.

Stay Positive & Believe in Yourself

For protecting Weis privacy, the news staff could only interview him by sending the outline to Wei in care of the Consul General of Pakistan in Guangzhou. Last Saturday, the staff received a document called Answers from Wei, and he replied to all the questions in detail and told other patients how to overcome this disease. 

The translation of the whole interview:

Q1: As the first foreign patient to be cured in Guangzhou, please describe your feelings when leaving the hospital. Now what do you want to say to your friends and family?

Wei: First of all, I'm really happy. I feel relaxed after leaving hospital, because I had to be there for more than two weeks. For my family and friends, I want to tell them there is nothing to worry about me. I'm fully recovered now. Soon, I will go back home to see them.

Q2: Besides the halal food, what was the most difficult time in 18 days and how to spend it?

Wei: Yes, due to the halal food is the only thing I can eat, so indeed I had some problems with food. But the hospital had already prepared the food for us, and even once a doctor brought me some food, she was a very kind person. We could also have eggs and bread there. Thus, everything was going well. However, sometimes I still felt depressed. Anyway, I always tried my best to think positively and hope the most. So now I feel well.

Q3: Why do you plan to go back to Pakistan now instead of staying in China for a while? When do you expect to resume your study in Wuhan?

Wei: The reason is that I am not able to go back to Wuhan now. The whole city has been closed. For me, I have no other place to live in China. So, I decided to go home. When everything is settled and under control, I will come back and continue my study in Wuhan.

Q4: There are still many patients in the hospitals of China who are undergoing treatment. What do you want to say to them?

Wei: Im so sorry that many people are still ill. Anyway, I want to tell them, keep a positive attitude, it's just a small virus. As long as our immune system is good, we can beat it. Therefore, my advice to them is to keep healthy, eat well and exercise at least twice a day, and most importantly, believe that you can win.