How The Virus Outbreak Is Forcing Chinese to Overcome and Work?

The spread of the 2019-nCoV across China has forced millions of people - both Chinese and expats - to work from home or wherever they traveled to during this Spring Festival.

While some specific jobs would require them to be physically present in their office or facility to continue working, many of them are benefiting from Chinas rapid internet development and technologies, making it easy for anyone to connect with their colleagues and work remotely. 

Alibaba took advantage of this by announcing on January 30 that its professional office communication tool DingTalk would be offered free-of-charge to 10 million enterprises.

Besides commercial enterprises, China's financial, medical, educational and even judicial sectors have also joined the trend of working from home offices to reduce crowds and prevent the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

Teachers at many local schools in China are also embracing the use of technology to plan and host their classes online, avoiding any disruption in their students educational progress.

In Shandong province, a court trial took place online with no plaintiff, defendant or agent showing up at the Intermediate People's Court in Binzhou. Instead, the court heard the case via a group video call to prevent crowds from getting together in one place.

While this novel coronavirus has undoubtedly presented a lot of difficulties both on an individual level and at the scale of nationwide societies, it has also incentivized organizations in all sectors to explore opportunities to leverage technology in order to maintain their productive output and provide employees with more flexible working options.

It is certain that the epidemic has caused difficulties, but challenges contain new development opportunities as some industries have created new modes of production. Through innovation, many people believe China will have more online industries to be popular. 

What is your opinion? 

Editor: Crystal H


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