How to Complete Residence Registration in Shanghai Now

How do overseas personnel complete residence registration in Shanghai 

during COVID-19 prevention and control?

With a large number of migrant workers coming back, businesses will resume operation one after another.

We appreciate overseas personnel coming to police stations for residence registration.

To avoid crowds gathering risks, we strongly recommend the following way of residence registration which helps you complete it without leaving home.

Lets have a try.


Scan the QR code

Register and log in

Or visit the website directly


Select your document type

Upload your document and photo 


Fill in your address and

 date of arrival/departure

Check the letter of commitment and submit


Review the declaration result

Print the form


 If the system fails to verify your registration due to incomplete information or other technical reasons, please wait patiently as your case will be handled by our staff.

 If you need your registration form immediately or the system says Fail, youre advised to visit the local police station for registration.

Everyone should be responsible for disease prevention and control.

Reduce outdoor activities

Wear a mask

Wash hands frequently

Cooperate with inspection

Source:  Shanghai Public Security Bureau

Editor: Crystal H

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