Tricks to Pick up Packages without Getting Infected by the Virus

A month has passed since the outbreak began.

Ever since news of the virus broke out and remote working became part of our everyday life, everyone has been asking themselves the same question from the minute they wake up until the moment they turn off the lights and go to bed

When will we finally be able to go back to our daily lives and freely get together with friends outside again?

While some residents have put themselves under total lockdown inside their apartments, others have braved the crowds, allowing themselves to go out only for urgent matters such as grocery shopping or to go pick up their express delivery packages.

But the defying journey to get your package may lie long and difficult.

With that in mind, its important to protect yourself from head to toe, ensuring your arrival to your final destination happens without a hitch.

To avoid close contact with others, some recipients ask expressmen to either leave the package at a specific spot where they will come pick it up later, or even throw them to keep necessary distances.


Pretty clever. 

Other, more sophisticated and modern methods of transport have been used to ensure the successful delivery of packages, such as drones.

Remotely-controlled cars:

And dogs?

Arguably the cutest method of delivery one can expect!

But as you can imagine, express delivery service men and women have not been working in the most favorable conditions due to the virus outbreak, as they may not always be allowed to enter buildings and have to figure out other ways to deliver packages to the recipients.

Its in such restrictive times that we need to think of more creative ways to get the job done. 

Who would have thought there were so many different ways to meet an expressman to get your mail!

Not feeling too safe about picking up your mail and packages?  

A few tips you can take into consideration 

for ahead of your next delivery:  

1. Wear a mask

This ones obvious. Minimize contact and communication with couriers. Keep at least one meter apart from each other.

2. Spray 75% alcohol sanitizer on the express box. 

If you dont have any left, try not to touch it with your bare hands. Wear gloves or user paper towels to pick it up and carry it back.

3. Leave the packaging outside your home.

Unpack your goods, bring those inside and wash your hands immediately after.

 While the heroic medical staff working on the front line have received all the praised and encouragement they deserve for volunteering their time and expertise, we cannot forget about everyone else contributing to our fight against this pandemic. 

Express men, bus drivers, sanitation workers, volunteer regularly checking peoples body temperatures in public... The list goes on.

From the bottom of our hearts, we salute you and thank you all for your great service!

Source: people's daily/ tiktok

Editor: Crystal H


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