Here's How to Register for Daily Free Masks in This City

On February 22, Shenzhen introduced a lottery system to randomly distribute free protective masks to citizens around the city in its fight against the spread of the novel COVID-19. 

City officials have announced that 200,000 free disposable masks would be distributed every day from Wednesday, February 26, with free shipping.

How can one register and qualify for the lottery? 

1. Registration

You can access the registration platform either by scanning the QR code provided below or by following the citys official WeChat account iShenzhen.

Or scan this QR code. 

Tap the Mask Reservation menu button as shown below and follow our directions.

2. Log into the registration system and fill in the required form

Note: Your address should include your apartment number, the block and the sub-district.

When youre done, hit Submit.

Note: In order to qualify for the lottery, you must live in the administrative area of Shenzhen (including the Shenzhen-Shantou Special Cooperation Zone), and your delivery address needs to be the same as the one that you have registered within this administrative zone. Otherwise, masks will not be mailed to you.

3. Confirmation

Fill in the mask reservation confirmation code you will receive via text message.

Your personal information will be reviewed within 2 hours, and those who are approved will receive a confirmation via SMS. (Please be informed that the mask reservation confirmation code will be necessary for follow-up queries. Do NOT delete it.)

After receiving the message, you will need to log in the registration system again, go to the progress query page and input the mask reservation confirmation code to complete the registration within 24 hours.


Complete the registration.

Good news! 

Once youve completed your registration, you wont ever have to do it again for future lottery picks. However, incorrect information input will prevent you from completing the registration, so do make sure that all the information youre entering is accurate. 

Progress Query

Every day at 10 AM, 40,000 names will be drawn randomly for the chance to win 5 masks per person. Winners will be sent a confirmation message via SMS.

Once you receive the message, follow the below instructions:

Enter the Confirmation Code online

Then free delivery to your registered address.

SF Express will deliver the masks within 24 hours. Failure to enter the confirmation code within the 24-hour window provided will not be receiving their masks and will be prohibited from entering the lottery for the following 10 days.

The GiC team will continue scouting the internet for more information on what distribution systems other cities have implemented to provide masks to its citizens.

If you know of others, please let everyone know in the comment section below!

Photo credits:  WeChat Account - Southwind International SWI

Editor: Crystal H