Foreigner Fined 2000 RMB for Breaking Virus Quarantine to Smoke

Source: TaiwanNews

A foreign national has been fined after he left the room he was being quarantined in to take a smoke break.

Taipei City Department of Health Disease Control Division head Yu Tsan-hua () said the foreign man had flown in from Guangdong, China, landing at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport on Feb. 3. Because a 14-day quarantine is in effect for travelers from China, he was required to stay in quarantine in his hotel room from Feb. 3 to Feb. 17, reported CNA.

However, on Monday (Feb. 10), the man stepped out of his room to have a smoke in the hotel stairwell. Although he had only left the room for six minutes, it was still considered to be a clear violation of the quarantine.

He was notified that he would be fined NT$10,000 (around 2000 Yuan) for violating Article 58 of the Communicable Disease Control Act (), according to the report.

Thus far, 116 people have been placed under "home isolation" (), while 573 are being kept under "home quarantine," () based on Taipei City data. However, six of those originally placed under quarantine have fled and are being sought by police.

Previously, two other individuals who were under home isolation left their homes without permission and were fined NT$60,000 each for breaching Article 48 of the Communicable Disease Control Act. In addition, two more persons were fined NT$10,000 each for violating Article 58 of the act after leaving without permission while under home quarantine.