CoViD-19: New Method Seems Curing, Japan's 1st Death, Bullet-...

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Major News 

Recovered Patients' Plasma Might Cure 

Over 10 patients in serious conditions apparently improved after taking the products made of blood plasma containing antibodies donated by recovered patients. The products prove the most effective way at present to treat COVID-19 as there is no effective drug or vaccine.

Zhang Dingyu, director of Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan, said COVID-19-infected patients that have recovered have a large number of comprehensive antibodies, which can fight the virus. He called on them to come to donate plasma for patients who are still struggling.

Second Deaths Outside China

Japan announces first death of person infected with COVID19. The victim was a woman in her 80s living in Kanagawa prefecture. This is the first case of a non-Chinese death outside China. Earlier, one death was reported in The Philippines, were a Chinese woman passed away. 

Effect on Heart

Coronavirus infection does more harm to the heart than SARS, and causes cardiac disease more quickly than SARS, says director of Jinyintan Hospital, major designated place to treat COVID-19 patients.

Another Region Launches Wartime Control

Dawu county of Xiaogan city in Hubei Province launches the wartime control order for better controlling the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak following the country's first wartime control order from Shiyan.

Meanwhile, Huanggang, a neighboring city to coronavirus epicenter Wuhan, on Thursday put all residential communities on lockdown to contain the epidemic.

Bullet Train Cleaner, infected

Another high speed train sanitation worker was confirmed to have coronavirus infection in E. China's Jiangsu. She had worked on 15 high speed trains during incubation period.

Earlier one sanitation worker was confirmed, for more details: 

2019-nCoV: Cleaner of 20 Bullet Trains, Infected; 24 Days Incu..

5000+ Discharged

As of Feb 13, more than 5,000 patients have been discharged from hospitals, with an average of 500 every day since Feb 7, 90% are with light symptoms and 10% with serious symptoms. These patients averagely stayed in hospitals for ten days: NHC. 

Office Ventilation & AC, Turned Off

According to guidelines issued by the State Council, when an infected case is discovered in offices and public places, the air conditioning and ventilation systems must be turned off immediately.

Explainer: Surge in Infected Cases

Online Mask 12 Fraudulents, Arrested

HK police arrested 12 suspects for frauding more than 1 million HK dollar ($128,756) by pretending to sell masks online, taking advantage of mask shortage across China during the novel coronavirus epidemic.

16.3 Million Fake Masks, Seized

Up to now, 356 cases involving the manufacture and sale of fake and inferior products, medicines, medical devices and materials have been investigated, more than 16.3 million fake and inferior masks have been seized, the Ministry of Public Security said.

Hubei Extends Holiday to Feb 20

Hubei has further postponed the reopening of local businesses to no earlier than Feb. 20, while still undecided on when classes will resume. Officials said it will be determined based on the epidemic situation.

Cities Halt Retailing of Cold Medicines

On Saturday, Hangzhou, temporarily halted the sales of cough and cold remedies at all retail drugstores in the city.

On Sunday, the city of Shiyan and the Huangshigang district of Huangshi city in Hubei province implemented similar measures, urging people with symptoms to go to hospitals for proper checks and treatment.

In Jinan, drugstores were ordered to suspend the sales of antibiotics and cough medicines, but people can still buy cold medicine as long as they are registered at drugstores.

In Beijing, the local authority issued a notice on Saturday, urging stricter supervision of drugstores by launching a daily reporting system of cold medicine buyers, with each buyer able to purchase no more than two packs of drugs.

PLA Medics to Hubei

PLA will send 2,600 medical personnel to support Wuhan. The first group of 1,400 people arrived on Yesterday. Treatment work is scheduled to begin at the earliest.

India: 16,000 Under Surveillance 

India Has Almost 16,000 Under Surveillance. A community surveillance program is underway across 34 Indian states and union territories, Indian government said. India is screening passengers at 21 airports, international seaports and border crossings.

H.K., Singapore Rugby Sevens Postponed

Hong Kong Rugby Union and Sport Singapore confirmed plans to reschedule the World Rugby Sevens Series 2020 to October from April due to concerns related to novel coronavirus outbreak.

First Global Oil Demand Drop in a Decade

World fuel consumption -- which had previously been expected to grow by 800,000 barrels a day during the three-month period, compared with a year earlier -- will instead contract by 435,000 a day, the IEA said in its monthly oil market report.

For 2020 as a whole, the virus will curb annual growth in global consumption by about 30% to 825,000 barrels a day, the lowest since 2011. The effects will be more significant than those of the 2003 SARS epidemic.

Australia Extends Entry Ban From China 

Australia will extend its ban on people entering the country from mainland China due to the coronavirus for an extra week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said. The original 14-day ban was due to expire on Saturday. Australias National Security Committee will review the need for the ban on a week-by-week basis, Morrison told reporters in Canberra.

China Car Sales Plunge by Most in Eight Years

Car sales in China plunged to fresh lows in January as the coronavirus kept buyers away from showrooms, intensifying the gloom hanging over the industry.

Sales to dealerships fell 20% to 1.61 million cars last month, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers said. Thats the biggest monthly drop since January 2012.

Japan Finds 44 More Cases on Cruise Ship

Another 44 people on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship off Yokohama have tested positive for coronavirus infection.

The new cases bring the total number of infections to 218 from the ship, which had about 3,700 people aboard when it was placed in quarantine last week. Kato said five people from the cruise ship are in serious condition after being infected with the virus.

Outcast Cruise Ship to Moor in Cambodia

The 2,257 passengers and crew aboard a luxury cruise liner that was barred by many ports over coronavirus fears will finally set foot on dry land, ending their ordeal.

The outcast Westerdam was set to arrive in Cambodias Sihanoukville early Thursday, Holland America Line, part of Miami-based Carnival Corp., said in a statement. Thailand was the latest country to turn it away even after the operator said it had no reason to believe there were any cases of the deadly virus on board.

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