Foreign Student Brings 27,000 Masks Back to China!

Source: JobTube, Freya W., Josh B.

On February 12, according to China's mainstream media, Guo Moruo, a foreign student from Uzbekistan, donated nearly 15000 masks and some medicine to Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and hospitals in Guangzhou, which made him known to netizens as the god of masks ().

Stay Together

In early February, Guo had already purchased 12,000 masks and brought them back to China. And this time, he flew back to his hometown again, carrying about 15,000 masks, 5000 of which would be delivered to people of Uzbekistan in China, and the remaining 10,000 masks would be donated by his school, to the hospital, the front-line staff and other international students.

"I have lived in China for six years. China is my second home! My wife and my friends are all Chinese. I wanted to overcome difficulties with all of you." Guo said.

Hard-earned Masks

"As of now, 70% of the chemist's shops in my country had no masks for sale. And the price had risen, if a mask used to cost 0.50 Yuan, it costs 5 Yuan now. But most importantly that the quantity of purchase was strictly regulated. Each person was only allowed to buy 5 or 10 masks per time. So, I bought them with my friends and families. To be honest, I could have brought more, but the money has run out. Although a lot of people had contacted me, saying that there was no need to give them for free, they would like to pay for it and so that I could make money. However, as for me, when others met with difficulties, we never think about money, just help. " Guo said.

According to the news staff, due to the epidemic, Guo had to go through several transfers from Uzbekistan to Guangzhou, and the masks had to be checked layer by layer, which took him quite a long time to bring them back smoothly.

The day after the mask was delivered, Guo had to fly home again, so his parents wouldn't worry about his safety.

Thank you!

As for Guos selfless behavior, netizens expressed their thanks for him in the comments.

Translation: He must go to a lot of drugstores, and it wasnt easy to bring all the masks in person. Give him some praise.

Translation: Thank you from Chinese people!

Translation: Amazing! Thank you, Mr. Guo! Thank for your selfless dedication! Love is boundless!

Translation: Human spiritBrings positive energy to your own country and helps my country. Beyond words, thank you so much!

Translation: Love has no national boundary. Thank you!

Translation: He must come to many drugstores to collect more than 10000 masks, great Chinese son-in-law.

Translation: Thank you for your support!

Translation: These are benevolence and righteousness. Great young man!

Translation: Seeing this gate gives me a lot of memoriesReally appreciateTrue love is priceless

Translation: There are always moving stories in the face of this disaster! Thank you! Come on, Wuhan! Go China!

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