Foreign Students in Wuhan: Stay Strong! We are With You!

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A selfie of Jio bi

"I want to fight with Wuhan, side by side, as its in trouble. Stay strong, Wuhan!" On January 31st, a media worker received the message from a WeChat friend named Jio bi (as per), a Bangladeshi friend currently staying in Wuhan.

Jio bi is a graduate student majoring in vehicle engineering of Wuhan University of Technology who came to Wuhan in September 2018. He said, "I like the city a lot, people here very hospitable to me."

Jio bi said many of his Chinese and foreign friends are staying in Wuhan currently. 

"Some of them don't dare to go out for grocery shopping. So, I help them with it sometimes. I also encourage them from time to time. If I tell them I am leaving Wuhan at this moment, they will probably feel very lost. "

Thus, Jio bi decided to stay, like the other two Bangladeshis. "If I'm really so unlucky to get infected, it is not the end of the world," he said, " I will follow the doctor's advice and strive to fight against the virus. "

At the end of last month, when being outside shopping, Jio bi felt sad to see the streets which used to be busy are now empty. "My Wuhan is almost empty," he said, "Wuhan, recover soon! "

Now, there are many foreign students like Jio bi staying in Wuhan. After all, it is a famous educational city with 1.2 million college students. According to Xinhuanet on February 1st, many foreign students chose to stay in Wuhan during the outbreak of the new coronavirus.

H fi t (as per ), Libyan: Wuhan, I made a wish for you!

January 29, 2020 is the 26th birthday of H fi t, a postgraduate of Computer Science in Hubei University of Technology.

"My birthday wish is to see Wuhan recover as soon as possible. I wish the same to everyone."

H fi t is in a bookstore (Posted by Xinhuanet).

After the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia, his family in Libya repeatedly tried to persuade H fi t to hurry home. In response, H fi t told them not to worry too much as he's reading the epidemic prevention and control information carefully these days. Eventually, he and his family agreed to have a video call every day, so they will know his daily situation.

"The international center of our school has been sharing various English articles with us, telling us how to protect ourselves in the outbreak. So, every morning I open my window and ventilate for 20 minutes. I wash my hands carefully before each meal. I prepared a box of medical masks. " H fi t said.

"I love the city. When I read the news recently, I found that Wuhan is being reported everywhere, so I changed my WeChat name to "Wuhan", which will make Wuhan people feel that they are not alone, and they may feel happy about it. " H fi t said.

S r w su w s(as per), Russian: Wuhan, a home to me!

S r w su w s is a Russian girl who came to Wuhan for the first time in 2017. Now she is a postgraduate in the school of public management of Huazhong University of Science & Technology.

S r w su w s is on a boat on the Yangtze River (Posted by Xinhuanet).

"Wuhan people are very friendly. Everyone I meet here would help me, especially when they realized that I couldnt speak Chinese." S r w su w s said.

She said that the school has provided masks for all foreign students and they can get them on demand. The school has taken strict management measures for foreigners to enter the students' dorms, and has installed equipment at the entrance of the dormitories to facilitate the students to check their body temperatures and physical conditions. Although it is winter vacation, the shops and two canteens in the campus are still open.

Compared with the previous years, Wuhan is very quiet this winter. "I just use this time to focus on writing papers and watch movies online in my spare timeI believe that the Chinese government and people will go all out to defeat the epidemic. " she said.

M r zh m lu f(as per), Uzbek: Wuhan, come on!

In 2019, M r zh m lu f became a freshman in China University of Geosciences majoring in geographic information science. With a strong interest in China, he had studied Chinese martial arts many years ago.

M r zh m lu f in the campus gym (Posted by Xinhuanet)

"I know that China has also encountered a very serious epidemic of infectious diseases in the past, but solutions have been found quickly. So, I believe that China will soon find a way to defeat this virus. " he said.

"Although the business hours have been shortened, the supermarkets are still open after all. Of course, we need to check our temperature before entering and everyone has to wear a mask. It will be over soon. Wuhan, come on! China, come on! " he said in Chinese, and smiled.

If you could encourage Wuhan, what would you say? What can you say to your city?

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