Foreign Doctor Chooses to Stay in Wuhan, Sends Family Home

Source: JobTube, Arianna J., Josh B.

Days ago, the French government evacuated its citizens in Wuhan, but one French man chose to stay. His name is Philippe Klein, a doctor working in Wuhan. "I'm much more useful here, fighting against viruses." Said he.

Working in Wuhan for six years, Philippe is the chief physician of Wuhan International SOS hospital, mainly providing services for foreigners in town.

On January 26, within 15 minutes after France announced it would withdraw hundreds of its nationals from Wuhan, Philippe made up his mind to stay. "It's not heroism," he said. "It is a deliberate decision. I can't do anything back in France. I'm a doctor and Wuhan is where I work. "

However, Philippe is the father of four children, and they have lived in China for six years. He advised his wife and children to go back to France.

"What I was worried about at the time was that there could be many ways of cross infection," Philippe said, "that was why I strongly recommended the French people in Wuhan go back. "

On January 31 and February 2, France sent two planes to China to pick up French citizens. "My wife and children boarded the second plane and left" Philippe said, "It's a dilemma, but as a doctor, I have to consider the risk of bringing the virus home."

Since the outbreak, the hospital Philippe worked has been closed, but instead of taking a vacation, he drives to and from the Three Towns of Wuhan every day in a complete set of protective equipment. During so, he visits foreigners in need with the online assistance of his Chinese colleagues. In fact, there are quite a number of foreigners staying in Wuhan for various reasons, he said.

Philippe is fully aware of the risk of the new pneumonia. He said, "It's my duty and professional requirement to work here. Even if this job is just a small part in the fight against the epidemic, it is also a way that I can do to support the citizens of Wuhan. "

Philippe was impressed by the Chinese medical staff, "in terms of staff, there are enough people, and they are very dedicated. People have to admire their great courage. "

However, Philippe noticed the equipment were insufficient in the hospitals, especially protection equipment for medical staff. "I was able to replenish my inventory thanks to the equipment on the French plane responsible for evacuating French nationals." he said.

Currently, he is treating young foreigners infected with the new coronavirus, who have a good prognosis.

Per Philippe, Wuhan is still in the stage of increasing epidemic. "But we see that it's spread linearly, not exponentially. This is especially due to the containment measures implemented in Wuhan since mid-January. "Given the 12-day incubation period, the epidemic should peak around February 8. Then it will gradually improve. "

Philippe said that after the "closure" of Wuhan on January 23, there was a certain degree of concern among foreigners, but most of them stayed in their homes in accordance with the safety recommendations of relevant departments. Up to now, although Wuhan is still in a special period, foreigners in town have no worries about the supply of basic life.

Per Philippe, it is a rare case that a city with a population of more than 10 million is closed, and thus it is a courageous decision. It has been proved that the spread of new coronavirus has slowed down significantly after the closure of Wuhan.

"Little is known about this new virus. All we can do now is wait and wait patiently." Philippe constantly stressed that he hoped to make more positive voices in difficult times, "this is my way to face life's difficulties.".

Philippe called on the people of Wuhan to be patient and confident. "Wuhan will finally usher in spring and brighter days, after this epidemic, Wuhan will become stronger."