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Pangolins possible hosts of novel coronavirus


Pangolins are scaly creatures often used in traditional Chinese medicine.Credit: Frans Lanting/National Geographic

A group of researchers have made a breakthrough in tracing potential intermediate hosts of the novel coronavirus. 

After analyzing over 1,000 metagenome samples, the researchers identified pangolins as a potential intermediate host of the virus. Through molecular biological detection, the researchers found out that the positive rate of the coronavirus in pangolins is 70 percent.

The results of the analysis of genome of the virus showed that the sequences of the isolated virus strains were 99 percent similar to those currently infecting humans. 

Expats Relatives in Wuhan, Can Leave

Chinese nationals who are lineal or legal relatives of foreign citizens in Wuhan can leave with their families if they have valid international travel documents and wish to leave: Chinese Foriegn Ministry Said.  

Tianjin Shopping Mall Found 23 Infected

194 salespeople from a shopping mall in N China's Tianjin have been put into quarantine after 23 people infected with the coronavirus were found at the mall, leading to about 9,200 entering quarantine.

3700 Passengers Under Quarantine

41 more people have tested positive for coronavirus aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan, bring the total to 61.

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The remaining 3,600 passengers and crew members to stay on board for 14 days for further inspections.

95-Year-Old Patient Recovered

A 95-year-old woman, China's oldest novel coronavirus patient, was cured in Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu province, on Friday, Feb 7,  afternoon.

She was confirmed infected with the virus on Monday and received treatment at Nanjing Public Health Center. She has been paralyzed for years, and was infected when she was having dinner with nine relatives at home on Jan 23.

The woman now lives at the center, because her family members are still receiving treatment and cannot take care of her.

1st Death in Guangdong

Guangdong reported the first death, a 55 year-old male from Zhaoqing. 

GD Issues Policies to Support Businesses 

Guangdong introduced a series of measures including rental reductions or exemptions and financial support to help enterprises better resume production and reduce the impact of the coronavirus epidemic.

The government will help enterprises purchase epidemic prevention supplies social insurance premiums can be made up after epidemic within 3 months; tax deferral, rental subsidies,  loan extensions and financial fund support, and green channels for prevention supplies purchased from abroad. 

US Will Spend $100 Million to Help China

The United States announced on Friday that it stands ready to spend up to $100 million to assist China and other countries affected by the novel coronavirus epidemic.

The State Department has facilitated the transportation of nearly 17.8 tons of donated medical supplies to the Chinese people, including masks, gowns, gauze, respirators, and other vital materials, according to the statement.

Virus is Gender Balanced

While the early infected cases with the virus started among a male population, but more recently, the gender balance is around 50/50. It's understood that the early start among males was due to the high percentage of male population in the animal market where the virus was first found. 

Wuhan Colleges Into Hospitals

Wuhan will transform the Provincial Communist Party School and all colleges in the city into temporary hospitals, expecting to add 5,400 beds for #coronavirus infected patients with mild syndromes.

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