Food Deliveryman Brings Man to Hospital But Was He Infected?

Source: JobTube, Freya W., Josh B.

On February 12th, news about a delivery man in Wuhan helping to take a 53-year-old man, named Zhang, who had a stomachache to the hospital, was released by the media. Unfortunately, it caused netizens to make strong accusations towards the Zhang family.

The Unexpected Happened, the Virus...

About five days ago, Zhang felt something wrong with his stomach. Due to no other symptoms, he thought it was just a stomachache. At about 10AM, on February 11th, Zhang suddenly fainted at home. And then Zhang's wife and son tried to take him to the local community hospital. As a woman and a young boy, it was so hard for them to support him. 

Luckily, they happened to meet a deliveryman along the way. 

Learning that Zhang had no fever, the delivery man helped to push Zhang to the hospital by using his E-bike. After that, he left without any contact information.

Urgent Reposts

Through the initial diagnosis of the doctor, Zhang was suspected to have the novel coronavirus and should be transferred to a bigger hospital for further diagnosis. At that very minute, Zhang's wife realized that the deliveryman might have been infected. However, she totally forgot ask for his phone number. Thus, there was no other way, all she could do was post the situation on her WeChat Moments, and ask others to do the same.

Here is the translation.

Repost: Please spread quickly in the South Lake area of Hongshan District. This morning, someone asked a delivery man to send a patient with a stomachache to the hospital. After going to the hospital, the patient was basically confirmed to have the virus. Please help find this young man and tell him to be isolated ASAP, and go to the hospital if he doesn't feel well!

Fortunately, with the help of the media and delivery platform, the delivery man has been found. According to the news staff, the delivery man sprayed alcohol on his whole body and dining box for disinfection when he left the hospital. And thanks to the contactless distribution of food, the delivery man had no close contacts. For the sake of safety, the platform has also informed the users of his delivery.

Guilt & Gratitude

"We really didn't know it was the virus and just thought it was a stomach disease. Otherwise, we wouldnt let the delivery man help us. I would have called the ambulance! I am truly sorry, so sorry I hope hes OK. And I want to thank him in person. " Zhang's wife said.

As per the report, Zhang passed away in the early hours of February 12th. Mercifully, his wife and son still have no symptoms for the time being.

As of now, the delivery man has been isolated at a designated place without any symptoms, and his families are also isolated at home. In view of his kind help, the delivery platform promises to give full rewards and subsidies.