Five Confusing Chinese Food Names!

China is a country with incredible diversity in its cuisines. The differences were originally based around the regions where the tastes developed, but these days it is possible to enjoy the different styles almost everywhere in China. 

The most famous Eight Cuisines ( b d ci x )

-Shandong Cuisine      (l ci)

-Sichuan Cuisine          (chun ci)

-Guangdong Cuisine   (yu ci)

-Fujian Cuisine             (mn ci)

-Jiangsu Cuisine          (s ci)

-Zhejiang Cuisine        (zh ci)

-Hunan Cuisine            (xing ci)

-Anhui Cuisine            (hu ci)

We know that in order to experience the true tastes of China, you should be looking for those restaurants local which only Chinese people will go. It also means that the staff in these restaurants probably will not speak or understand English. They provide menus with the dishes written only in Chinese characters or even worse, with bad English translation. 

So each time you feel like you are taking a big risk. 

You can only select the dish by pointing to the name dish written in Chinese, having no idea what you just ordered. 

Here we introduce you some cuisines which are very famous in China but often will be lost in translation on the menus.

1. (m p du fu)Tofu made by woman with freckles

Correct translation: Mapo Tofu (Stir-Fried Tofu in Hot Sauce)

Mapo doufu is named after its creator, a freckle-faced woman from Chengdu who lived during the Qing Dynasty. The tofu is tender, the minced beef crispy, the scallions fresh. So nowadays anyone without freckles can also cook this dish.

2.(m y shng sh)Ants Climbing Tree

Correct translation: Sauteed vermicelli with spicy minced pork 

It's a stir-fried dish of minced pork with glass noodles. 

The minced pork is cut in small pieces just like small ants, that's how it got its name.

3.( hng sho sh zi tu)Red burned lion head

Correct translation: Braised pork balls in gravy

The delicacy ( Hong Shao Shi Zi Tou) which used to be translated as red burned lion head, is now called braised pork ball in brown sauce in the book. It got its name just because it's big round and brown, like the head of a lion... 

4. (f q fi pin)Husband and wife's lung slice


Should I call the police??? 

Correct translation:  Sliced Beef in Chili Sauce

There was a married couple in Chengdu famous for making beef slices.They often experimented with new ingredients like the ox's lung, the pork's lung ect.At last this dish became famous and everyone call it the famous couple's sliced lung in chilly sauce.

5. (l d gn)Rolling donkey

Correct translation: 

Ldagunr-- Glutinous Rice Rolls Stuffed with Red Bean Paste

Ldagunr is steamed glutinous rice rolls filled with red bean paste or brown sugar that is then rolled and covered in a soybean flour crumble. Its origins can be traced to the Qing Dynasty. The cake, which has a yellowish color, is sweet and a little sticky, with a very nice bean flavor. After being cut into blocks, it is rolled in soya bean-flour, which is why this snack gets its name. When you roll it in soy bean-flour, it looks like a donkey rolling on the ground, raising dust.

I hope you will have a good time taking experiments in the Chinese local restaurants, be brave and enjoy!

The above contents are provided by Shine Mandarin.

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