All Alone, Expat Refuses to Leave Wuhan, Because....

Source: JobTube, Freya W., Josh B., Arianna J., Business Insider

On February 18, news about K.S., a 21-year-old Canadian woman, who chose to stay in Wuhan due to the strict policy of banning pets in the evacuation plane by her government was released by a mainstream Chinese media.

I will never walk away!

K.S. moved to Wuhan for her boyfriend in May 2019. This January, when Wuhan was urgently shut down on account of the CoViD-19 epidemic, her boyfriend was out of town on business and unable to return. So, K.S. has been living all alone inside the city with her cat named Kitya.

On February 6th, Canada's chartered plane for evacuating citizens was about to depart from Wuhan. 

Actually, K.S. had applied for evacuation before, but when she knew that there was a strict no-pets policy for this flight, she chose to stay.

"I would never abandon my Kitya. I cant entrust her to my friends as I have no idea when the outbreak will end. " K.S. said.

Its Not Easy

It was not easy for K.S. to live in Wuhan alone. "A month of loneliness had really damaged my spirit. I lived directly across from a big shopping mall, which used to be crowded, and even the streets leading to the parking lot were always busy. Now, no one, no cars out there. " She recalled.

As of now, the Chinese government has extended visas for foreigners under blockade.tay.

However, its still hard for K.S. as she cant work and thus has no income. Currently, she tries to save money as much as possible to get by.

She Wins Love and Blessings

When the news was widely spread online, K.S.s love and responsibility for the cat touched many people, and many of them left kind words for her.

Translation: Distress you then truth. Although it's just a pet, it shows her respect for life. Wish this kind-hearted girl and her cat to be healthy and happy.

Translation: Good girl! Good life of peace! Your cat is so lucky!

Translation: Wish you well!

Translation: The girl is beautiful and loving.

Translation: Love has no boundaries.

Translation: The brilliance of humanity.