Advice & FAQ from Foreign Affairs Office to Foreigners!

Source: China Daily, Foreign Affairs Office of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government,Shenzhen Health Commission,Shenzhen Public Security Bureau

To cope with the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus, a Foreign Affairs Office recently sent a message to foreign citizens.

Foreigners are advised to reduce or avoid outdoor activities, stay away from crowds, and cancel parties, group dinners and other group activities. They are suggested to keep a distance of more than 1 meter when talking with others.

"After returning home, immediately wash your hands with hand sanitizer and running water, or use hand disinfectant containing alcohol. When you come back from the hospital, take a shower and change your clothes first," the message said.

In some areas, people required to wear masks when going out and properly dispose of the used masks, avoid unprotected contact with wild animals, consume thoroughly cooked food and drink hot water.

Foreigners are also advised to measure their body temperatures on a regular basis. When such symptoms as fever, cough, breathing difficulty or general weakness occur, foreigners should wear masks and seek medical care right away at designated hospitals.

To better prevent and control the outbreak while protecting the health of themselves and their families, foreigners are reminded to pay close attention to the relevant information and preventive measures released by the authorities of the central government and the Shanxi provincial government.

At JobTube, we also suggest to check your local town's/city's news, daily. The situation is changing everyday, and it is best to stay aware of each regulation. Some areas have begun to manage traffic, enforce the wearing of masks, and even limit the amount that people can go outside.

Virus Prevention FAQ

Dear foreign friends,

The outbreak of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus has become a major concern for all of us recently. Prevention and control of it has become a top priority. On January 23, 2020, the Peoples Government of Guangdong Province activated a Level I public health emergency response, following which measures to prevent and control novel coronavirus have been taken according to laws and regulations and in an orderly manner in Shenzhen. 

For questions you may have, we have referred to the information released by health authorities, human resources authorities, and the National Immigration Administration to come up with a list of answers for your information.

1. How to prevent novel coronavirus infection?

-Avoid visiting outbreak areas (Hubei Province in particular)

-Minimize outdoor activities, and wear a mask when you need to go outdoors

-Maintain good ventilation indoors

-Wash hands frequently and maintain good personal hygiene

-Pay special attention to places with high risk of contamination including elevators, door knobs and toilets

-As part of the prevention and control measures, community staff may contact you for information by phone call or in-personvisits.

2. What should you do if you recently came toShenzhen from other regions?

(1) If you came from Hubei Province or made a transit in Hubei Province

-Please make a note of the time and detailed information of the transportation you took (license plate, train or flight number and tickets, seat number, etc.)

-You shall inform the work station of your community, your employer or the hotel you are staying in upon arrival. You are required to undergo a 14-day self-monitored or collective quarantine. Your cooperation with the community staffs, doctors and police officers is highlyappreciated.

(2) If you came from other regions

-Please pay close attention to your and family members health status. Please avoid gatherings or other group activities within 14 days upon arrival in Shenzhen.

3. What should you do if you feel unwell?

-To minimize the chance of cross infection, please first call Shenzhen Family Doctor Center at 400-11-91160 and press 2 for a preliminary consultation. For other inquiries on novel coronavirus, please call governmentservice hotline 12345.

-If you have symptoms including fever and cough, please wear a mask and goto a nearby hospital with the fever clinic in time.

-You can go to Peking University Shenzhen Hospital or The University of Hong KongShenzhen Hospital for better English services.

4. How to deal with the medical expenses of foreigners who are diagnosed with pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus infection?

-Medical expenses incurred by foreigners in Shenzhen who are suspected cases or confirmed cases of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus infection and treated at hospitals designated by municipal health authority shall be covered by the medical insurance or the government finance after treatment. Individuals dont have to pay for the above-mentioned medical expenses.

5. When will schools and workplaces open after the Spring Festival holiday?

-The Peoples Government of Guangdong Province has stipulated that all enterprises should not resume work prior to 24:00 of February 9 except permitted exclusions.

-According to relevant stipulations, fromFebruary 3 to 9, enterprises should pay wages to employees in accordance with standards stipulated by the employment contract. Enterprises not applicable tothe February 9 work resumption stipulation should pay wages to employees whohave been working according to laws and regulations.

-All kindergartens, primary schools andmiddle schools shall not open prior to February 17. All universities, colleges, secondary vocational schools and technician schools shall not openprior to February 24.

6. Is exit and entry to China affected during the epidemic prevention and control period?

(1) Can foreigners exit from and enter to China as usual duringthe epidemic prevention and control period?

-Hong Kong SAR: The Hong Kong SAR has temporarily closed checkpoints in Luohu, Huanggang and Futian. Shenzhen Bay Checkpoint and Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Checkpoint are still open. Cross-border ferry services between Hong Kong and Guangdong Province are still provided at Skypier at Hong Kong International Airport but suspended at Hong Kong-Macao Ferry Terminal. The number of flights between Hong Kong and mainland airports has been reduced with flights to and from Hubei Province suspended.

-Macao SAR: Any non-Macao SAR resident who has visited Hubei Province within 14 days will be asked to provide a certificate issued by a certified medical institution to prove that he/she is free of novel coronavirus infection prior to the entry to Macao SAR. Failing to provide such proof will result inrejection of entry.

-Transportation channels for exiting Wuhan have been temporarily closed.

-Chinas visa-free transit policy for foreigners remains unchanged.

-You are advised to reduce or avoid cross-border trips. If there is a must, please check the latest exit and entry control measures of your country/region of destination in advance in order to avoid inconveniences and loss caused by rejection of entry.

(2) How can foreigners extend visas and apply for residence permits during the epidemic prevention and control period?

-All Exit and Entry authorities across China will continue to provide visa extension andresidence permit application services to ensure your legal stay.

-To avoid gathering, the Exit and Entry Authority of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau will adjust the service time according to appointments. Please make an appointment in advance.

-The Exit and Entry Authority of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau has launched a 24-hour hotline for foreigners in Shenzhen for inquiries regarding exit andentry document policies and border control measures of different countries and regions. Please dial 0755-84465490 for the updates. (Other foreign affairs offices have provided contact details for foreigners as well. Please follow them for details).

-For foreigners who have submitted their passport for visa or residence permit application and need to shift to express service, please apply to the Exit and Entry Authority viaphone. You will be contacted once the document is ready for pick-up.

(3) What if a foreigners visa/residence permit expires during the epidemic prevention and control period?

-According to Exit and Entry Administration Law of China, foreigners should exit Shenzhen or apply for extension at the Exit and Entry authorities before the visas/residence permits expire. In light of the relevant laws and regulations and the currentsituation, those who are unable to exit as scheduled or extend the visas/residence permits due to the reason of epidemic prevention and control shall be given a lighter or mitigated or be exempted from punishment by the Exit and Entry Authority depending upon circumstances.

The situation may be stressful or even a bit boring, but we are all in it together! Stay safe everyone.

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